Sion softside bags with spinner wheels, black, bring-on 21-inch

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  • make certain this fits by getting into your version variety.
  • rolling suitcase: get thru a crowded airport or down slender plane isles easily with this stylish deliver-on bags with 360-diploma multi-directional spinner wheels and a locking retractable push/pull manage
  • a couple of the front panel wallet: proposing front wallet with a built-in id tag, this ergonomically expandable luggage measures 21 x 12. Seventy five x 10. 25 inches such as wheels and handles; packing dimensions are 22. 75 x 14. 25 x 10. 25 inches
  • comfortable and sturdy: expandable travel case gives you sufficient parking space and made from a long lasting, scuff-resistant polyester fabric with absolutely coated interior; also capabilities adjustable tie-down straps for securing garments in area
  • easy business enterprise: this bags bag maximizes packing efficiency with a removable zippered moist bag, huge mesh lid pocket, and packing pocket for holding small items and accessories
  • handy side handles: with bolstered padded pinnacle manage with an included facet and backside cope with, this roller suitcase makes lifting and sporting your bags clean
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from the manufacturer

constructed with long lasting fabric, swissgear softside bags stand the test of time even as retaining you to your sport from factor a to factor b. Ready with outside zipped wallet, the whole lot out of your travel files to a light-weight jacket is usually geared up to grab at a moment’s observe.


the swissgear 6283 21″ expandable carry on spinner baggage functions a locking push/pull manage machine and four 360-degree spinner wheels for superior mobility. Manufactured from durable, scuff-resistant polyester material, its interior is completely coated and functions adjustable luggage tie-down straps, a removable zippered wet bag, a large mesh lid pocket, and a packing pocket for holding small gadgets and add-ons. Other capabilities include two front panel wallet, a built-in identification tag, and padded top seize deal with.


our cleverly designed bags and travel accessories are meant to be carried for the long haul. Whether a classic softside or hard hardside spinner, or a placing toiletry bag, swissgear baggage and tour accent collections integrate a robust retractable, push-button locking manage, top class wheels, and bolstered take hold of handles. And for brought security, tsa locks and id tags give you peace of mind irrespective of wherein you’re headed.

whilst in transit, preserve garments secured and in location with indoors tie-down straps. And to avoid the need of unpacking at some point of your holiday to stay prepared, swissgear baggage and tour accessories characteristic severa wallet, cubicles, and dividers for all your storage necessities.

don’t let your luggage weigh you down. Swissgear spinner wheels provide 360-diploma mobility to seamlessly drift your luggage via busy airports and down slender airplane center aisles. Traditional -wheeled luggage is engineered to face the check of time and offer easy mobility.


prepared whilst you are

for decades, swissgear has been dedicated to providing forward-wondering backpacks, baggage, and tour accessories. With technology, capability, and style as our core layout additives, vacationers and commuters maintain to depend upon our current collections to stay equipped wherever they’re. Constructed from imaginative and prescient. Created via precision. No matter what adventures, challenges or opportunities are to your direction, swissgear makes certain you’re prepared for anything lies in advance.

product description

swissgear sion softside expandable carry-on spinner luggage gives you an sufficient amount of packing space whilst wished. This rolling suitcase capabilities a locking push/pull cope with system and 4 360-diploma multi-directional spinner wheels for handy portability. It’s miles made from a long lasting, scuff-resistant polyester fabric and its indoors is completely covered. This convey-on suitcase features adjustable baggage tie-down straps for securing garments in location, a detachable zippered wet bag, a big mesh lid pocket, and a packing pocket for containing small items and accessories. It also includes two front panel wallet, a integrated id tag, and padded top and side handles. At swissgear, we retain to ensure some thing you need travels easily, competently, and stylishly with you. Incredible for a circle of relatives journey or commercial enterprise tour.


Carry-On 21-Inch, Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch


Black, Blue, Burgandy, Dark Grey, Pewter, Teal

8 reviews for Sion softside bags with spinner wheels, black, bring-on 21-inch

  1. Michele Fairley

    The title of the suitcase says that it is 21″ tall. It actually measures 23″. And it is wider than the dimensions given. Most U.S. airlines have maximum dimensions as 22x14x9. This case is too large to fit in the carry on box at check in. Read more

  2. Kathryn L. Jamison

    I bought a similar one 10 years ago and I’ve traveled the world with it. It was starting to break down so I purchased this bc they’re the same brand and size. I’ve only had it a few months and taken two trips and it’s looking bad. I’m a little disappointed. Edit: I’ve taken 5 trips with this bag now. The handle is broken and I can’t use it. The warranty is only valid with a receipt from the official website. Don’t waste your money! Read more

  3. Katie R.

    Overall this suitcase seems well made EXCEPT for the handle. I just used it for the first time and the handle is not only really wobbly but it doesn’t lock when you only extend it half way and it’s difficult to retract from full height. Additionally, it gets stuck going in and out if your suitcase is packed semi tight or tight. I might think this was a fluke but realized after purchasing that this is the same suitcase that my husband has had to replace the handle twice on and finally tossed it recently after only a year or two of light use. Unfortunately this one might be going the same way since I’m already outside the return window upon first use and the handle already fails to work properly. Read more

  4. M

    Purchased this in March and it has only seen light use. Probably 3 RT Flights and a handful of car trips. Total, under 10. However, one of the wheels de laminated from the spindle (see picture) causing it to now drag and stop the wheel when the softer rubber part of the wheel either spins off the spindle or pulls off and seizes the wheel entirely. See picture. I contracted Warranty Return and I have to ship this on my own dime to have it assessed/fixed or replaced. The shipping cost is prohibitive and I believe this policy and lack of authorized repair centers are designed to be a deterrent for warranty replacement or repair. Especially for a model at this price point. Therefore, all things considered, this is not a worthwhile product nor workmanship and unless it’s an expensive piece. If the piece fails, as it did with me, the cost of warranty repair or replacement shipping will likely not justify the effort. Read more

  5. Simon Hodson

    Do not buy these products. The say they have a 5 year warranty. I bought luggage from them that lasted only 8 months (3 trips) before breaking. Ended up costing me over $100 in checked baggage fees. their warranty is bogus, it will cost you nearly what the products are worth. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT, WARRANTY IS A LIE. Read more

  6. Nicole G.

    I purchased this bag one year ago. So no not new but I do expect my luggage to survive more than a year. I travel about 10 times a year for work and maybe another 3-4 for vacation. Its not like I travel every week. Last year in September I was traveling and one of the wheels kept getting stuck. It would work and then it wouldn’t work. I didn’t travel again until the holidays and had the same problem with the bag. I could no longer wheel it standing up which was why I purchased it in the first place. I tried to take it to Florida but the bag is completely useless. Like dragging a dead body. My shock doctor bag has lasted me over 4 years. The only reason I purchased this bag was I wanted to be able to wheel it upright which was less demanding on my back. Read more

  7. Lisa G

    I read through prior reviews before ordering this to replace my old SwissGear carryon, and I tried out the telescoping handle when I first received it. It went up, it went back down. Great! Fast forward two weeks to the first time I actually used it: the handle went up when I was walking through my departure airport, down when I went to put the case in the overhead – but then it STAYED down, refusing to come back up again. So there I was walking through my arrival airport alternately carrying my suitcase, kicking it, or bent over awkwardly trying to steer it as it rolls. (And trying to move quickly despite all this because I had a train to catch.) After a bit of investigation, it looks like the metal rod inside the telescoping section does not stay where it should, so the catch won’t reliably release when the button is pushed to allow the handle to move up/down. I believe I can fix it, but it’s aggravating to have to repair a brand new case. No complaints about the rest – wheels, sides, and fixed handles all holding up well so far – but the telescoping handle that only works when it feels like it is a pretty big drawback. Not at all the quality I expect from SwissGear. Edit to add: I can fix it – if I can find a replacement for the busted piece of plastic worth probably less than a dollar that’s the problem. In the photo, on the right is what the rod inside the telescoping handle should look like. On the left is the reason the handle won’t work – half the piece of plastic is broken off, so it doesn’t stay on the rod, and once it’s off, the button on the handle is useless. Read more

  8. Kindle Customer

    I loved it when I first got it, but after a year of travelling with it, during which it was my carry-on for all but two flights when it was checked baggage, it has not held up at all. Initially the wheels started getting stuck and it was a struggle to keep it rolling straight. That has occurred for 4 months now and several liberal applications of wd40 helped for a short period of time, but the problem continues to worsen. In December the button that allows you to telescope the handle got stuck and the handle would no longer collapse or extend. With a lot of fiddling, it is usually possible to get it working again, but it’s not guaranteed, and the button is firmly stuck. I guess I will have to try out the warranty, which involves paying for shipping. Read more

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