Small and compact travel umbrella – transportable mini folding umbrella perfect for men, women or children. Has case to store in pocket, purse, backpack or automobile

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  • fiberglass body
  • pass-everywhere protection: weighing less than 210 grams, our small umbrella ensures you’re always prepared when rainstorms hit! Designed for portability, the covered pongee fabric repels water, keeping you dry and protective against rain, sleet and snow. Black colour.
  • bonus carrying case: large matters are available small applications, and our mini umbrella is not any exception! Order includes a 7” travel case, best for garage on your car, handbag or backpack. And because it’s water-resistant, you don’t need to worry about making a moist mess.
  • sleek and stylish: thanks to our timeless design, that is a superb portable umbrella for women, guys, ladies and boys of every age! Classic black and grey offer versatility and professionalism, whilst our fun range of styles and colorings allows you to showcase your private style.
  • dependable best: with frames presenting a black metallic shaft and fiberglass ribs. Our mini umbrellas for handbags offer advanced power and durability! They efficaciously face up to sturdy winds without breaking or bending, for exceptional you can agree with.
  • lifetime assure: rain or shine, the vumos team is devoted to your entire pleasure! Our small umbrellas for backpacks come whole with our money again assure, so experience loose to contact us when you have any issues otherwise you need a substitute.
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product description

don’t get stuck inside the rain once more

the weather forecast is constantly unpredictable.

whether or not you’re journeying internationally or simply throughout town, rain showers pop up on the worst instances.

from weddings and activity interviews to a short trip to the grocery store, nobody desires to spend the day wet, cold and uncomfortable.

wearing an umbrella looks like an apparent choice. However maximum styles are either heavy, bulky and awkward to hold, or they’re so reasonably-priced and flimsy they’re not well worth using.

compact comfort, portable protection

at 210 grams (much less than eight oz.), our light-weight umbrellas are relaxed to hold.

measuring 35” throughout whilst opened, they provide masses of insurance for adults, but aren’t oversized for younger youngsters.

we use a special coating on our pongee material, making it nonabsorbent and resistant to water!

these umbrellas are perfect for all varieties of weather situations, which includes drizzle, heavy downpour, snow, sleet and hail.

water slides off the umbrella, so simply deliver it a shake earlier than heading indoors to keep away from a damp mess.

water-resistant wearing case protected

for introduced convenience, purchase includes our reachable carrying case!

supplying clutch-and-go portability, your umbrella is simple to discover in a second’s be aware.

measuring just 7,” you can save it inside the vehicle, at home or within the office.

the case assist protects your umbrella from harm whilst kept in a handbag, backpack or briefcase.

the water-resistant exterior approach your moist umbrella won’t soak through onto your other possessions.

umbrellas designed in your normal life

we use a black steel, anti-rust shaft to make certain your umbrella lasts for future years.

sturdy fiberglass ribs hold the umbrella fabric in vicinity, even in opposition to strong winds.

it gained’t bend or wreck like cheap umbrellas do.

top rate best substances and creation means you may expect vumos when you need an umbrella the most!

with a fun form of styles and colorations, the best hassle is deciding on which one is proper for you!

neutral hues like black, grey and taupe healthy any outfit and are a extremely good cross-to for work or different professional settings.

colourful alternatives like crimson, crimson, orange and blue are a completely unique way to discover your non-public style.

our unisex layout is appropriate for men, ladies, boys and women of all ages.

we hope your days are constantly sunny and bright.

however when a hurricane hits, vumos has your returned!

our umbrellas will last you for many years to return.

we’ve obsessed over the designs of our merchandise and we work tough to make sure all of our customers are glad.


Black, Blue, Classic Gray, Classic Red, Dark Blue, Purple, Rainbow Pattern, Stripes

8 reviews for Small and compact travel umbrella – transportable mini folding umbrella perfect for men, women or children. Has case to store in pocket, purse, backpack or automobile

  1. Virginia R

    I looked & looked for a good mini umbrella for a trip and picked this one based on the fact that it’s the smallest & lightest one that has decent reviews. I bought another one just to be on the safe side. The other was a disaster – hard to open, hard to keep open etc. This one is great – I’ve kept using it since the trip. I lost it once and bought it again. It is easy to open and clicks into place solidly. The hardware is good quality and strong, especially for something this small and light. I’ve struggled with wind and it’s never blown inside out. And it’s so small when folded that it easily fits in a purse or even a coat pocket. I highly recimmend this product. Read more

  2. Beverly Archer

    It’s a beautiful, sharply designed thing but it turned inside out in a moderate wind the first time I used it. I would have returned it for a refund but I didn’t want to bother dragging it back from Vietnam. I have added stars to my initial one star review because of the company’s response. I was contacted immediately after posting my review and, since the representative thought it sounded like my umbrella was defective, received a replacement in a few days. I live in Southern California so Lord knows when I’ll have the opportunity to test it again but I appreciate the customer service. Rather than assume I’m an idiot, they assumed the product was faulty and replaced it. When I have another opportunity to use it, I’ll update again. Read more

  3. Alice

    I brought this less than a week ago and I must say I’m satisfied. I did read other reviews of people saying that it’s flimsy, to that I must say it’s true. Though it’s a compact umbrella, yes it’s flimsy but still holds up together just fine. Once you get ahold of it, you’ll notice that both the umbrella and the case are decent quality material for a compact umbrella. I like in a 120+ degree weather, work outdoors on a heavy duty environment. I travel often, so Im practical and like compact products, what I’m trying to say is that it does the job, and it fits perfectly on my purse, it’s light weight. I carry cute a backpack purse, doesn’t get on the way. It covers only one person, someone else unless they’re very close. It does hold pretty well on a rainy day, though if its very windy or pouring, can’t ask too much for this umbrella size. If you want something compact, good price, decent quality material, you’ll get what you paid for, I like. Read more

  4. alguth

    In our house we definitely have an umbrella problem as we are constantly re-buying them as we lose them in a car or closet. I purchased this one for vacation because of the size and travel case. What was different about this umbrella is it easily fits in my purse. I was so surprised with not only the strength of the umbrella when opened, but also how easy it was to get back into the travel case. One other callout for this little umbrella is how well it protected both me and my son in the rain. I was amazed how large the coverage was for such a little umbrella. If you’re looking for something to keep in a small bag that delivers great rain protection, this is your umbrella. Read more

  5. sserif

    After a couple of tries, my 8 year old is able to fold and unfold this with ease. It came with a really beautiful case as well which you can use to pack it in when travelling. The umbrella itself is beautiful to look at.. Nice print… Does not look cheap or gaudy. Looks very high end… and the product is of high quality… Does not look like it will have mechanical issues shortly after using…. The radius is pretty standard. Not small, not large. Perfect for my kid and one other kid may be… or just one adult not two. In a nutshell, don’t hesitate to buy this if you are looking for a compact, easy to handle, good looking umbrella…. Read more

  6. PK

    Wanted this umbrella for a trip to Ireland. I am very pleased. Several rainy windy days and it was great having this compact umbrella. I wanted an umbrella that was small and easy to carry. This definitely fit the bill. Read more

  7. Eve

    Great compact umbrella especially for commuters who have plenty to carry around. Love the carrying case that comes with the umbrella. Very sturdy and durable easy opening and closing water repels and drys quickly to store back into the case. Read more

  8. norcalskier

    This umbrella is great! It’s exactly as described – light and compact, and the carrying case makes it convenient to throw into your bag without getting everything else wet. It’s the perfect size for one person, or can be used for two if you don’t mind getting cozy. 😉 Fresh out of the box I took it out on a very windy and rainy day, and I was impressed with how well the umbrella withstood the weather as long as I kept it pointed into the wind. I only wish they had some interesting color choices, but otherwise would definitely recommend! Read more

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