Small antique canvas messenger pass body bag shoulder bag

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  • fabric:canvas
  • dimensions:eight. 6″(h)x6. 6″(l)x2″(w) weight: 0. 6 ouns
  • capabilities: easy design and retro, you may travel, purchasing time use; reasonable space, and different small matters, cellular telephones, pens, sunglasses, and so on.
  • suits for mini ipad, pockets, handbag, cellular phone.
  • sechunk: this bag will meet your requirements, and it appearance definitely ideal. You’ll find it irresistible.
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length: small –17*5*22cm; 0. 35kg center–22*5. Five*30cm; 0. 58kg large–35*7. Five*30cm; 0. 85kg


Small, middle


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8 reviews for Small antique canvas messenger pass body bag shoulder bag

  1. Amazon Customer

    Excellent, excellent, excellent bag. I wanted something for everyday carry that was more convenient than the standard backpack, and this bag fits my needs perfectly. The sling/messenger style makes it easy to grab your things without having to take the bag off your shoulder, and I love the simple look of it. I bring this bag with me everywhere. Pros: + Plenty of pockets with space for everyday carry, e.g. keys, wallet, small notebook, medicine, multi-tool + Having both the flap and the zipper underneath allows for flexibility between convenience and security + Material is durable and looks great + Lightweight and comfortable. I sometimes forget I’m wearing it when I’m only carrying a few items Cons (?) – Because it’s so small, it may not be the best choice as a carry-on bag or as luggage. I consider this a pro, as I wasn’t looking for something so big that it’d be a burden to bring with me everywhere, but it’s something to be aware of. Read more

  2. amoviefreakofnature

    I got the medium sized bag. I really like it! I ironed in a patch to add some decoration on it. I put a water bottle next to it so that people can judge if it’s the right size for them. You can fit three water bottles in it without opening the extender part of the bag. Zippers are great. Material is sturdy. Some of the stitching on the inside was a bit loose but overall good. The flap is held closed by Velcro and not a magnetic button like I assumed but it’s all good. Read more

  3. Noam

    it’s a really nice bag, I use it daily! it’s have room for all of my things, it’s a really beautiful bag, comfortable, made of high materials, and it came in a really good packaging. I highly recommend it to all who need a daily bag! Read more

  4. J R Compton

    And it’s just exactly the size I wanted it to be. Haven’t used it yet, but it’s essential equipment for somebody who goes to the VA Horsepistol s’often as do I. Speaking of which, somebody (or maybe me) got it wet while I was in the DeMented Place, and I just hung it on something that poked out of another Amazon purchase (a coat hanger-pole that doesn’t hang half the number of coats it should, and awhile later it was perfectly dry, so I’ll wear it next week when I visit my shrink there. She may well be the only sane person in their psych ward. Read more

  5. Lissa Angeline

    I wanted a new canvas purse for day to day and travel – really pleased with this one. The green canvas is a nice muted color, the strap is plenty long enough, and it looks and feels very well made and durable. And so many pockets! This will work well for travel, lots of places to put my passport to make it easy to access, plenty of room for my headphones and Kindle and small wallet too, plus a couple of batter banks and cables… seriously this is roomier than you expect! I’ve even carried a small snack box in it along with everything else. It’s quite a super little bag. I sort of want it in more colors. Read more

  6. Rin

    Smaller than I was looking for but was surprised when I was able to fit everything I needed in it perfectly. It has a surprising soft material as well but still feels quite durable. It held my laptop, textbooks, notebooks, folders, as well as snacks and whatever else I need for a long day around campus. Read more

  7. Big Wheel

    I needed to replace on older, deteriorating “murse”. (man purse) I hate stuffing a bunch of (necessary) crap in my pockets and I hate carrying said crap in my hands when out and about. I like having my hands free and not worrying about setting something down on public counters (wallet….cell phone) and then walking away and leaving said item behind. (we’ve all been there, right?) And I don’t need or want something the size of a messenger bag or back pack. This modest pouch carries everything I need and then some….wallet, phone, change, pens, chap stick, shopping lists, pepper spray, whatever….quick easy access. I like the simple basic design, the low profile, light weight, but durable material. I’m no manufacturing expert, but it appears and feels well made to me and I’ve had it for several months now and use it daily. The ONLY caveat to an otherwise home run review is that the little leather pull tabs on the zippers have a tendency to unwind sometimes and fall off. This is a very minor issue and NOT a deal breaker. And for the price of a burrito at a taco truck..? Can’t beat it. This little bag was a real find. Read more

  8. Lisa Mailliard

    I love the durability and feel of the fabric. I ordered the green and it goes with everything. I gave it 4 stars only because I didn’t like the front flap. If I put anything in it, the Velcro wasnt strong enough and it hung down strangely. So I ended up just taking it off and now I like it much better! Very versatile and tons of pockets! Read more

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