Smriti canvas big cosmetic bag journey make-up organizer toiletry bag for women

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  • durable cotton canvas with unlined interior, hand wash
  • brass zipper closure with actual leather-based tab
  • interior with an extra pocket for handy storage
  • massive ability (eleven. Forty two x three. 74 x 7. 09 in) to keep all your necessities
  • perfect to organize items for your day bag or simply bring it on its personal as a clutch
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1 Dark Grey, 2 Light grey, 3 Blue, Army Green, Beige, Flower, Flower 2pcs, Light Grey2, Orange, Stars, Stripes, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Red 2pcs, black2, green2

8 reviews for Smriti canvas big cosmetic bag journey make-up organizer toiletry bag for women

  1. Happy

    I was looking for a durable canvas bag for my skincare products. I’m constantly on the go and I wanted something to keep all my skincare products organized and in one place. I can use my products in the morning or at night and easily pull the bag out from underneath my counter instead of cluttering my countertop with all my products. I can also just grab the bag if I need to leave town without having to remember to pack all of them up. This bag was large, durable and at a fraction of the cost of all the other canvas cosmetic bags I saw on Amazon. Even with all my skincare products loaded, I still had room to double what was currently in it so if I need to include anything else I still have plenty of room! I also really like the grey color, most canvas bags are light ivory and tend to look dirty after a while so that was another benefit of this bag. The zipper seems sturdy which sometimes can be an issue on cheaper items. The bag also has a small pocket on the inside of the bag for small items, at this time I don’t have anything in there but may put my travel tweezers, nail clippers and Q-tips in there. All around I think this bag is a win! I highly recommend it. I accidentally ordered two but I like it so much I decided to keep the second bag for my makeup! It is a little large for my makeup products but I think it will work! Read more

  2. sac727

    I love this. It is large, heavy duty, excellent zipper and zipper pull. Comes with a free leather cord taco, and there is a pocket in the bag itself (sewn in). I finally have found a bag big enough for my essentials. I keep an asthma spray with a spacer (which is bulky), a weekly pill case, a Fossil wallet (the one for men though I’m a woman), my keys, lip moisturizer, a smaller zipper pouch for “rescue” items (tiny jar of salt for low blood pressure, sugar for hypoglycemia, painkillers, a 1/4 tsp measuring scoop for the salt, and hair ties lol), another smaller zipper pouch for menstrual pads. Contemplated using a euphemism for that, but I don’t want to add to the shame/stigma around women’s bodies. My first thought as soon as I opened this package: “Awesome! I should get the other color! And what else does this brand make?” And this is in spite of the fact that I’ve slowed my shopping to become a minimalist. This item felt like a good fit for the philosophy where you buy less, in great quality, for the environment and for your own sanity. And also because nice items are a joy to use. Excuse me while I wrap up this review so I can buy more items by SMRITI. And you know what? I don’t work for them. But I’m very detail oriented (I’m a musician and designer), I have a handbag business, and I sew. And when another company nails it, I want the world to know. Best of success to this brand! I’m hoping they use ethical practices, as this information is missing from their advertising material. Read more

  3. Sacagawea Mariposa

    I purchased this to store all of the loose electronics in my work bag. It has a lot of space and fits perfectly in the bottom of my bag. It carries my spare laptop charger, portable charger, Fitbit charger, spare computer mouse, and extra USB cables, and yet there’s still extra room!! There quality of the bag is great: *heavy sturdy canvas *Good zipper *Leather zipper strap *Suprisingly roomy *Small interior pocket This is probably a little too rugged looking for a makeup bag. My husband saw it and immediately thought it would make a great bag for small, spare tools in the garage (he bought a couple for himself). Read more

  4. Hope Zombro

    the bag is very well made. it’s a thick, high-quality canvas and leather zip; it doesn’t feel cheap by any means. the size is amazing — it fits a 15-shadow morphe palette and a plethora of full-size products. i appreciate the little pocket inside, i use it to store false eyelashes. overall, it’s a very good bag for someone that has a decent amount of makeup and doesn’t want a loud pattern or color. Read more

  5. LowerEastSide2002

    A good makeup bag is hard to find. So many of them are tacky and or trying too hard to be trendy in a way that I don’t like. This make up bag is well-made. The zipper is sturdy. The fabric is good. The only word of warning I would give you is that it is quite large. Size wise, it’s a bit larger than a paperback book. The fabric is soft so it will squish down in your purse but if you’re looking some thing very small and sleek this is not it. Read more

  6. JML

    This canvas bag is great. A little bigger than what I was anticipating but I was able to fully load this up with my various wires for my cell phones, Apple Watch, and battery pack. As a note since I change purses frequently I use these pouches to keep various items in (one for cords, One for makeup and lotion and one for misc). Since I keep everything in a pouch I can change purses in a matter of seconds. Great purchase Read more

  7. VRod

    Love the quality of this bag first off – really solid material, obviously it will get dirty more then plastic or other types of material that allow water and such to be wiped off easily, but with care the trade up is worth it if you like the style (and can possibly be thrown in the wash). It has a leather zipper strap which is a nice contrast with the gray. If you are more into monochromatic colors and a more minimalist style then this bag is for you. It also has a pocket inside that you can see in picture. Overall great purchase – will update if things change. *retract statement for throwing in the wash – please read care instructions, says not to but we will see – perhaps I will test out how it fairs when it gets really dingy.* Read more

  8. Lauren

    This is a great size and comes with a nice quality leather headphones organizer as an added bonus! I am able to fit all of my makeup in it easily and can even fit a few eye shadow palettes as well (think Naked sized palettes and smaller)! Read more

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