Solo umbrella (conventional black) – first-class windproof travel umbrella with automatic open

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  • make sure this fits by means of getting into your version variety.
  • patented wind-combat body machine consists of excessive-grade metallic, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum to provide a massively advanced construction than your wellknown umbrella.
  • dimensions: closed duration: eleven. Seventy five in. Arc diameter: forty three in.; insurance diameter: 37 in.; weight: 1 lb 2 oz.; computerized open/near gadget. Stylish present field blanketed.

product description

strong, wind-resistant frames

the davek solo’s patented frame device is composed of high-grade metal, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum to produce a massively superior production from conventional umbrellas.

built to final – strong for lifestyles

the davek solo is constructed to last—with right use, your umbrella ought to stay via your facet for decades to return. The awesome sturdiness and precision engineering of the solo is plain the moment you choose it up. Check in your umbrella after buy for extra free help & benefits.

stylish present box – the right present

no longer all people has a luxury, high-overall performance umbrella, that is why there may be that more pride when they obtain one as a present that capabilities the overbuilt construction and splendor of a davek umbrella.

the ideal character-sized weatherproof umbrella

with its robust body construction and unique design, the davek solo is an appropriate aggregate of durability and metropolitan style. The umbrella functions our specific davek windfibre frame system and automated-open and automated-close button machine. The water evidence, wind resistant canopy is constructed of the highest thread be counted material (the maximum tightly woven available) to offer most safety from precipitation. The fabulous deal with features a convenient clip to connect in your belt or keep in region within a bag. Fashionable present container covered.

frequently asked questions

why davek?

what if footwear have been disposable? Or purses or briefcases? What if your handiest preference for private add-ons were cheap, undifferentiated and poorly made? For umbrellas, there was as soon as such a time, whilst there has been no desire—all umbrellas had been disposable. Input davek—that is no ordinary umbrella. Our umbrellas are robust and engineered to ultimate. They’re a protracted-time period investment. We agree with that one tremendous purchase is better than an limitless flow of inexpensive ones.

what’s so special about them?

pick out up a davek umbrella and you will without delay feel the umbrella’s sturdiness. We rebuilt the frame from the floor up—and created a piece of art. Our aspiration isn’t to make a higher umbrella, however to make a super one. It’s an ongoing pursuit. The whole thing subjects—the balance between stress and versatility, the resistance to wind, how tightly it furls when closed. We pick out materials in order to bear over time. And one umbrella that lasts for decades is one less umbrella within the landfill.

why do davek umbrellas price extra than traditional umbrellas?

we only use the finest materials to make our umbrellas. Davek umbrellas are engineered for last durability—every umbrella is crafted the use of 96 painstaking steps and 12 factors of inspection. The end result is a product with unheard of quality, wonderful overall performance and surprising sturdiness. Instead of shopping for two or three umbrellas every yr, our buyers are geared up to make an extended-term commitment. We apprehend the implicit settlement: if you pay the right amount, we can come up with something a good way to stand the check of time.

what if i lose my umbrella?

every new davek umbrella purchase comes with a completely unique “loss protection” range, which you could use to redeem a alternative at up to 50% off. The loss safety wide variety may additionally best be used as soon as and will automatically deactivate after first use.



5 reviews for Solo umbrella (conventional black) – first-class windproof travel umbrella with automatic open

  1. Cook-R

    This umbrella is obviously well made with the finest materials and it works great. It opens and retracts instantly with the touch of a button. It’s a good size- not too big or too small. It also has a really impressive high-end look to it. But I returned it. The handle is uncomfortable because (1) It’s too short for a man’s hand, (2) the metal protrusion for the strap slot pokes into your hand, and (3) the clip interferes with your grip. It would be worth the hundred bucks if it had a longer and more ergonomic handle. Read more

  2. K. Maginn

    Earlier this year, I vowed to never find myself wrestling with a crappy umbrella ever again, so I donated or threw out all of my crappy ones and began my search for quality options. Of course, I quickly found my way to Davek, and over the past several months, I have purchased 12 of these in different sizes and styles to tuck away in my family’s dozen go-to umbrella spots (cars, work bags, backpacks, coat rack, etc.). For reference, I bought one of the Elite cane umbrellas, a couple of Duets, a couple of Solos, three Travelers, and four Minis. What I love about them: Each part of these umbrellas is indisputably high quality – fabric, open/close mechanisms, shaft, handle, strap, all of it. Apart from the Minis, which are manual, the umbrellas spring open with a strong, satisfying snap, and they are sturdy and solid. My son and I enjoy taking rain walks, and a couple of weekends ago we got caught in a stormy gale – driving winds, pouring rain, crashing thunder. The umbrellas were amazing! In a storm like that, it’s less about staying dry than it is about keeping the rain and wind out of your face, so our legs were drenched from horizontal rain but the umbrellas did great, particularly with regard to holding up to the wind. Couldn’t be happier with their quality and performance. What I don’t love about them: There are three things I’ve found that are not great, two of which have to do with the handle. On the Duet, Solo, and Traveler, the handle is beautiful, but it is round and small, similar to the size/shape of an egg. This might seem like an ergonomic design that fits nicely into the palm, but for an umbrella, you really need a longer handle that provides some leverage to allow you to push against wind…like the handle of a knife or a fishing rod, for instance. Imagine trying to chop vegetables or cast a line with a knife or rod that has an egg-shaped handle. It just doesn’t work well. What happens is that your thumb and forefinger end up not holding the handle at all, but rather clinging tightly to the shaft, and it causes fatigue in the hand muscles during longer walks. Now imagine that the egg-shaped handle has a hard-plastic tab sticking out the bottom of it, requiring you to spin it so that the tab is perfectly positioned in the small gap between the end of your pinky and bottom of your palm to avoid it digging into your palm – and there you have issue number two with the handle. This little tab holds the leather strap, and it is a source of annoyance and frustration. (I should mention that I am a woman – albeit a 5’9 woman with hands on the longer side – but I thought it worth noting that this perspective regarding the handle isn’t coming from a person with XL hands.) The last issue has to do with the difficulty we’ve had in collapsing the shaft on our Traveler umbrellas. None of the other sizes have this issue, but with all of Traveler umbrellas, it is REALLY hard to push the umbrella shaft fully closed/collapsed. It’s like the spring is too tight (?) or something. It take a lot of effort – usually resulting in me putting the end of the umbrella on the ground and using my body weight to push it closed. I actually bought one of the traveler sizes specifically for my younger (10yo) son, but it is too hard for him to manage. He has no trouble with the Solo or Duet. Just the Traveler. Not a deal killer for us, but I thought it worth mentioning as this might be a real issue for some. So….all in all, I LOVE our umbrellas. The Elite is amazing and perfect – 5 stars. The Solo, Duet, and Travelers get 4 stars due to the handle issues. The Minis I would give 5 stars; they are a LOT more streamlined and lack some of the more technical stuff (opening mechanism, etc.), but for what they are designed to do/be, they are awesome. This was a long read for those of you who are still with me here, but I hope the insights are helpful. Read more

  3. Thomas D.

    Spring time weather is unpredictable. I needed an umbrella I could use that would stand up to rain, sleet, snow and winds that can carry away Dorothy and Toto. Being able to maneuver an umbrella one handed is important to me, as I am always carrying some sort of bag or box or luggage. The umbrella was more expensive than I initially wanted to pay, but with all the amenities and the warranty, I decided to give it a shot. Super glad I did. I’ll be honest – it is a little heavier than I expected, but I chalk that up to good construction. The one touch open and close gave me the one handed control I was hoping for. I want to be clear here, though. It collapses with one button. You still have to fold it all up after you shake off all the water. But all of the materials just seem better. Stitching is strong. The material is tight. The shaft is amazing and the handle, with the leather piece I can wrap around my wrist all re-enforce my good buying decision. Here’s the kicker… The trouble I’ve had with most of my umbrellas is the wind catches it and folds it backwards and it breaks. I was walking in downtown Denver – between a couple of buildings, where the wind was howling. This umbrella bent backwards. I was bummed. I pushed the button, expecting nothing to happen. But alas, the umbrella reverted itself into the correct alignment and when I pushed the button again, expanded normally. AMAZED. I’ve used it a few more times since then with nothing less than perfection. Read more

  4. Anon

    This is hands-down the highest quality accessory I own. Every detail from the grip shaped handle to the material of the umbrella itself is made with a level of quality that is truly superior to any other umbrella I have ever used. The auto close feature is so useful to have when my hands are full. I have used this umbrella through some serious rainstorms in the short time that I’ve had it. So far, I haven’t had any issues with it turning inside out as other reviewers have mentioned. I’ll be sure to update my review if that changes, but with the lifetime warranty I have a feeling that this umbrella will withstand any storm I need it to. Read more

  5. Brett Doelling

    This was rated the best overall option in a Digital Trends list. It’s a little more expensive, but it seems to be worth it. It feels solid & sturdy, and it’s endured some decent gusts. It’s heavier than most compact umbrellas, but that goes with the sturdiness. I find the handle a bit small for comfort in my large man hands, but it’s a compact umbrella, and the handle is no smaller than any other compact I’ve had. My chief complaint would be with the wrist strap, which my aforementioned large man hands don’t fit through; since the ribs don’t flip in strong winds, the umbrella generates a lot of lift, and if you lose your grip, the umbrella will do a pretty good Mary Poppins. If you have medium to small man hand equivalents, the strap should be fine (even with gloves). Read more

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