Spar. Saa double layer inverted umbrella with c-formed manage, anti-uv waterproof windproof directly umbrella for automobile rain outdoor use

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your model number.
  • unique double layer and opposite starting and folding design: fold the top “wet” layer into the beneath “dry” layer whilst you step into your vehicle or save or anywhere, which prevents water from dripping, retaining flooring and motors dry.
  • relaxed frosted c-shaped hand grip layout: pass the c-fashioned cope with over your arm, made your arms unfastened for holding a infant, bag or cellular within the rain.
  • clean pinnacle with eight metallic ribs of frame: transformed into 8 legs upon contracting the umbrella, can rise up on its personal whilst closed, and be handy to be able to location everywhere.
  • manage: non-computerized/manual with a simple click on of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella in restricted space whilst entering or exiting a building or automobile, it’s far much less awkward and safer to open to open and close when crows, since the chance to poke in human beings’s eyes has been removed by using the design.
  • ideal gift & high-quality guarantee: this automobile opposite umbrella is best in your car; it’s also a innovative gift in your dad and mom, buddies, colleagues and and so on. Using this reverse umbrella, you are usually protected from rain, wind and uv. If anything goes wrong together with your umbrella, we can send you a substitute simply unfastened, no return required.
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product description

double layer inverted umbrella

revel in the free hand

● umbrella usual size: open period forty two. Five inch, folded length 31. Five inch. It’s far large sufficient to refuge each you and your beloved from downpour.

● long lasting cloth: the double layer inverted umbrella product of: pongee material, durable black electric powered ribs and double layer ribs make the cars umbrella sturdier, beautify its windproof impact.

● cozy frosted c-fashioned hand grip design: go the c-fashioned take care of over your arm, made your palms unfastened for containing a infant, bag or cell within the rain.

● reverse establishing and folding design: fold the pinnacle “moist” layer into the below “dry” layer whilst you step into your automobile or store or anywhere, which prevents water from dripping, maintaining floors and automobiles dry.

● manipulate: non-automated/manual with a easy click on of the embedded button, you can open and near the umbrella in confined space whilst entering or exiting a constructing or automobile, it’s miles much less awkward and safer to open and close whilst on foot via the gang, since the risk to poke in human beings’s eyes has been removed by the layout.

automobile umbrella with c-fashioned manage

opposite umbrella

double layer inverted umbrella

anti-uv water resistant windproof instantly umbrella

internal out umbrella

best upside-down umbrella


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4 reviews for Spar. Saa double layer inverted umbrella with c-formed manage, anti-uv waterproof windproof directly umbrella for automobile rain outdoor use

  1. Frugal Ant

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I am really surprised by the large number of positive reviews, and I should have paid more attention to the one star reviews, as I would have spared myself a lot of effort in finding a pattern I like, and the time spent of trying the item, then sending it back. How in the world this umbrella has so many one star reviews is beyond me, and all I can think of is that the positive reviews come from people who never use the umbrella in real life situations. Because honestly, this is absolute junk. I am photo sensitive, so it is imperative that I am protected from the sun, crappy sun umbrellas can result in burnt skin in less than 5 minutes of sun exposure. And this is where the umbrella failed terribly. On day one, on a beautiful sunny day, I had to cut my hike short, because the umbrella would not function properly. There was a very mild wind (probably looks worse than it was in the video because of the low quality of the umbrella), and I spent more time trying to get the umbrella to work than I did actually hiking. I was only able to open the umbrella easily and successfully once, and all the other times I had struggled with the button/springs and had to use force to get it to close or open. Then with the slightest bit of wind, the umbrella ribs bent so easily that it was not practical to use as a sun umbrella. To clarify, the winds that day that I tried the umbrella were less than 5 mph, and the umbrella could not handle that. It’s not practical to never have any wind even on the nicest of days. And then the canopy. Yes, pretty – though the design did not at all look like the picture I ordered – is double layered, and has holes. Again, slightest bit of wind, and the double layer canopy allows the wind inside, and makes the overall situation worse. Very poor design. You can only practically use the umbrella indoors (which I think it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside if you believe in those things), and that’s only if you can get the springs that allow it to open/close to work properly. There was no day two, I sent it back. I can’t afford to take risks out in the sun with a defective sun umbrella. Read more

  2. Amazonshopper

    After using this umbrella for a month full of rain, wind and storm here is my review This umbrella CAN really stand the windy day… The double layer helps wind pass through without turning it upside down. I like how the top layer has a good arch,which helps water run down easily yet the inside layer doesn’t,so it doesn’t block your view. It is little bit heavy but the C shape makes up for it and gives versatility on ways you can hold your umbrella without getting tired. Also I always get compliments on how beautiful the umbrella looks… Above everything, customer service of this company is amazing, I had trouble with my first purchase but they were super quick and positive in their response and sent a replacement immediately… Overall Happy with the purchase… Read more

  3. J. Holmes

    Purchased one for myself and one for my wife. The starry night and the purple flower. I JUST got them about an hour ago, took them out and opened/closed them about 10 times each… took them outside (sunny day), stood them on end on the floor, held them in various poses, repacked them into their sleeves twice each. I’ll update this review again when they’ve been properly used for a while, but this is my initial take. Size when Closed: You can see the inches in the Q&A etc, but for me the size when closed is about average for a stick style umbrella. Will fit in the car by your seat without too much issue I think. Will not fit in a purse or backpack (maybe a backpack if you left it sticking way out the pack). Pretty much what I’d expect in a stick style, maybe a bit more compact than the average. Size when Open: Should keep you dry in most rains. It’s not big or small, somewhere in the middle. I’d say larger than you’d expect for a collapsible/packable umbrella but also smaller than what I’m used to for a stick. For one person will work, for two people would be challenging to keep you both dry. That said, I think it’s a good trade-off between having a huge canopy and having an unwieldy eye poker on legs. Sun Shade: I did test this today. Does a great job of providing a shade from the sun with the 2 layers. Time will tell how much UV rays dry rot it or not. My old non-two layer umbrellas are not even in the same league as far as this goes. Opening/Closing: Both of mine did fine for the 10 repeating open/closes I did. Time will tell if it stays true to quality. When opening, there’s a moment of tension as the ribs have to double back on themselves due to the inverted design that is a little more intense than on a normal umbrella, but it works fine so far. They are easy to open and close though. Color/prints: The prints are probably not quite as vivid as you see in the photos unless you’ve got the umbrella upside down so the sunlight shines on it. But it looks purty! 😀 Packing/Repacking: Putting the umbrella back in the sleeve is easy if you do the technique correctly. Takes about 10-15 seconds. Just spiral/twist your hands around the umbrella starting at the bottom and working your way to the top (twist from left to right), keep your hand gripping the top while latching the velcro and slipping the sleeve over the end with your other hand. Any reviewers saying this is difficult just don’t know how to do it. The sleeve has a little should strap by the way. I can slip it over my back and neck just fine, or over my shoulder for carry. For now, 5 stars. I’ll update again once these umbrellas have been used and abused a bit. Read more

  4. Ye Xi

    The design of the umbrella is far beyond my expectation. First of all, the appearance of the umbrella is very beautiful and the small holes in the inside layer look like a circle of lace, very elegant. Secondly, the product’s double layers are not the glued double cloth as I originally thought. More specifically, there are two umbrellas compounded in one frame, more potent in wind protection and insulation. I was so excited to buy such a high-quality umbrella with this price. Read more

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