Sports gymnasium bag, journey duffel bag with wet pocket & footwear compartment for guys ladies, 45l, lightweight

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  • ensure this fits via coming into your version quantity.
  • big duffel: the health club bag measures 20 x 10x 10 inch with 45l capacity. It is your desire in case you’re searching out a big, fashionable, no-nonsense hauler that’ll hold all of your vital items for sports activities.
  • multi-pocket: the sports bag has one spacious important pocket and 8 separate pockets. One shoe compartment for footwear. The front pockets and one inner wet pocket. Aspect mesh pocket suits one water bottle and one protein shaker. The internal wallet for shampoo and facial purifier.
  • built to final! Product of 600d polyester fabric, water resistant & tear-resistant. Top rate metallic sbs zippers and strengthened important stress factors will in no way fail you. It comes with rounded stitched grip handles and padded, adjustable, detachable shoulder strap buckle.
  • gotta love bonuses: 1.) the lowest adopts water resistant and put on-resistant leather-based. 2.) the wet wallet are designed to percent to your wet accessories. 3.) the built-in key ring can resolve a massive trouble for you. Four.) the facet hook permits you to cling the gym bag from any present pole in the locker room or hook at the wall.
  • buy with a hundred% confidence: your true associate for sports activities, will be served as a sports gym bag, basketball bag, dance bag, camp / plane duffel, convey-on baggage, just-in case bag as well. We assure 2 years safety for free from the date of its authentic buy. Order now with out a hazard!
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canway sports activities bag, exercise bag, overnight fitness center bag for women and men.

better excellent for a better journey, fitness center and sports!

  • 600d polyester fabric, water-resistant & tear-resistant
  • water resistant and put on-resistant leather-based bottom
  • the built-in key ring and the side hook
  • the moist wallet are designed to percent in your wet accessories
  • top class metallic sbs zippers and reinforced most important stress factors
  • 5 colour choices: blue / black / grey / orange / pink
  • this gymnasium bag is a should to your lifestyles. Whether or not you operate it as a sports activities health club bag, basketball bag or swim bag, it will be your sports activities helper.

    grap the fitness center bag, get your sports activities butler!

    the sports bag has one spacious predominant pocket and 8 separate pockets. One shoe compartment for footwear. The front pockets and one internal moist pocket. Aspect mesh pocket suits one water bottle and one protein shaker. The inner wallet for shampoo and facial cleaner.

    your properly accomplice for sports, may be served as a sports gym bag, basketball bag, dance bag, camp / aircraft duffel, convey-on luggage, just-in case bag as nicely.

    the simplest fashion workout bag you need!


    black, blue, gray, orange, red

    8 reviews for Sports gymnasium bag, journey duffel bag with wet pocket & footwear compartment for guys ladies, 45l, lightweight

    1. dave greene

      Old Nike gym bag OUT! New Canway Gym Bag IN and I love it! Its design is more rectangle which fits better in the lockers where I work out. Even though it’s a touch smaller than my old bag, it has more space due to all the extra exterior pockets provided on the Canway. Also when purchasing online it can be difficult to judge the size of a bag or its pockets but as you can see by the photos that my size TWELVE Hoku-Oné-Oné running shoes have no problem fitting in the bag! Other favorite features are the Wet Pocket (keeping everything else DRY!), the rugged construction including using 600D poly and SBS zippers and I love the bright “Coast Guard” Orange! I highly approve and recommend the Canway Gym Bag to all of my friends. Five Stars all the way! Read more

    2. Justin Steiner-Wildeboer

      I had been using Adidas gym bags up until now. The big bulky ones, with the 1 main big compartment and 2 side compartments. My latest one had a mesh meant to keep air flow for damp things (ie shoes, or towels or your gear in general post workout). I thought that was all I needed, until I got this bag! When it came time to replace my old Adidas bag due to its age, I realized I no longer needed such a big bag for my running gear and I didn’t want it to look like I was on the high school football team (the original purpose I had for one of those bags). What I needed was something smaller, easy to tote around while I had my work bag along with it, and with practical pockets for things like my running watch, headphones, sunglasses, hygiene products, etc, and something that look a bit nicer walking into the office with. I didn’t want my bag to just be a jumble of things I couldn’t find, nor to have it be so full of empty space yet took up so much space. This is when I found this Canway bag among a few others on Amazon. To be fair, I did not try the other bags. I chose this one based on looks, color, and what I could tell of how the pockets were organized (so many other ones just seemed to have no reasoning for some pockets, I didn’t think they would work for a lot of things I needed to store). Before purchasing, my only hesitation is that I was still worried this was going to be too big. It’s not. I could probably manage with a smaller bag, but I do feel this is the perfect size for my needs. As I’m typically an every day runner, I just needed room for the aforementioned accessories, which this bag has pockets to help keep these all organized (my sunglass case fits in 1, watch, headphones, portable battery and lock in another, and hygiene products in their own pocket, plus a spot to snap your keys to. There are more pockets, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m in and out of the locker room thanks to being able to keep things organized. I also like that the side pockets don’t add extra bulk like my old Adidas bag. They actually feed into the main compartment, so I can still shield my clothes from whatever might be on the bottom of my shoes from the last run. So keep in mind, that the more you put in the side pockets, the less space will be left in the main compartment. I still think fully loaded with towel, a set (maybe 2) of workout clothes, shoes and accessories, I could still fit a basketball in the main compartment. If you’re on the football team, this bag might work for you, but certainly not if you’re carrying your shoulder pads around. Get the big old Adidas bag for that (or maybe by now, there are more specialized bags, I might be showing my age :-\ ) One more thing to note, which I found both an added extra surprise, and maybe the only room for improvement to this bag, is the built in inner wet bag. I didn’t see that in the posting before buying it, but it’s got me excited. I used to throw my sweaty gear in a plastic grocery bag when I was done, and usually got mocked for it. I just don’t want the inside of my bag to get gross. The inner wet bag solves the problem without being cheap about it. I’ve actually been using the plastic bag the Canway bag came in as it’s nice, zip locked, and once it gets old and gross I can consider using the inner wet bag. The problem I see with this inner wet bag is that there is not way to replace it down the road. I’m also not sure on cleaning instructions. I just don’t want to have to get rid of the whole bag one day because that part of it got too gross (mildew from being in an air tight space?). Overall, I really love this bag and highly recommend it! Read more

    3. Jake

      Quickly chose a smaller, inexpensive gym bag to use as my trainer bag when I’m working with clients. Not expecting much for the price, my expectations were exceeded. Pictures to reflect the amount of space and compartments the bag offers. Feels and looks like a $55-60 bag. Haven’t used strap yet, but I’m overall quite pleased with the purchase. Thanks guys Read more

    4. Peter A. Rosel

      I love this bag so far. I had a big, bulky gym bag previously, and I was tired of lugging it around and cramming it into the locker. This bag is just the right size. It holds everything and fits neatly into the locker at the gym. I like the way it’s laid out, with pockets inside and out and the wet bag is really handy and easily accessible. I also really like that the bag just has a small logo (and it’s actually stitched on and not some plastic sticker). Read more

    5. Steven E Campbell

      This has to be the best “gym bag” that I’ve ever had. Not only does it have great utility, the bag looks great. I’ve used it as a gym bag and as a carry-on bag for weekend trips. I can’t really comment on the bag’s water resistance, as I’ve never gotten it wet. But overall, the bag looks good, is very practical with good utility, allowing for numerous uses. The bag is well made and for the price, I feel that it’s a great deal. Read more

    6. Christopher R. Tinker

      I was always annoyed with figuring out the best way to take clothes and gear to work to change into after clocking out to hit the trails. This is the perfect size to fit a full change of clothes and mtb shoes to hit the trails after work. Even enough room for a foot pump, gloves, and my helmet. I saw some reviews about durability. I’m not sure this would be the best bag for intense travelling or over-packing, but it’s perfect to throw in the back of your vehicle with your workout gear. Read more

    7. Kevin

      I use this bag for the gym and it works well for me. It’s very roomy inside even when you put your shoes in the separate shoe pocket. There’s also a wet pocket on the other side and it’s convenient for my swimming or dirty clothes. There are many compartments to keep small items such as keys and wallets. The material feels sturdy and the zipper feels like it will not break easily. Great bag overall. Read more

    8. Tyrone

      A bit of an upgrade from my last gym bag which ripped 2 months in. Its 2000 sq ft which fits on the back rack of my bike (hangs over a bit but it works with bungee cords). Holds a change of clothes, 2 shoes, toiletries, and even has space for towels alongside my fitness equipment (speed rope, chalk, wrist wraps, bands). Read more

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