Sprinter 19″ sport duffel bag, purple/teal – fl-sd-2719-pltl

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  • make certain this fits by means of entering your model variety.
  • six hundred d. Ripstop polyester
  • spacious principal compartment
  • ventilated compartment (exovent)
  • padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • facet compartments
  • comfort grip take care of
  • l-19 x w-10 x h 10
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from the manufacturer

terrific for staying lively or a brief journey

you may be surprised at how a lot you may save on this bag. Use it for outside sports like going to the seaside or operating out at the fitness center and recognise you may not need to leave something at domestic.

measuring 19″ x 10″ x 10″, this bag suits in most health club lockers and inside the lower back seat of your car with out a problem. Take the entirety you need with you for a remarkable workout or maybe to the seaside.

the lowest of the bag capabilities four plastic helps which facilitates preserve your bag upright and rancid the ground. This increases the sturdiness and toughness.

the exovent era airs out the inner ensuring you or your bag don’t stink. An exovent is positioned particularly at the facet pocket so that you can easily use it for sweaty or moist items.

product description

bring your equipment to the gym or to education in this compact layout sport duffel bag. Four booths offer enough room for education garments, shoes, water bottle, and other accessories. Exovent mesh ventilation pockets helps to hold your bag from smelling of foul odors. Consists of a comfort carrying shoulder strap. 10″ x 19″ x 10″


Blue/Neon, Purple/Teal, Static Pink, Teal/Purple

8 reviews for Sprinter 19″ sport duffel bag, purple/teal – fl-sd-2719-pltl

  1. W. Marshall

    If the rating allowed, I’d give 3.5 stars. I’ve been using this for my gym clothes and supplies for about 6 weeks now. The Pros: Well constructed out of sturdy materials, nice color choices (I have the teal one), quality zippers that move freely, roomy enough inside for all your basic gym stuff (clothes, hairdryer, toiletries, shoes if you put them in the main compartment), padded shoulder strap. I want to really like this bag more because it feels so well-made, but it lacks a few features that would make it a 5-star bag. Just a few Cons: As other reviewers have mentioned, I find the lack of double zippers annoying, especially for the end pockets. I can tolerate the single zipper on the ventilated end (where there is enough room to stuff your dirty gym clothes), and even the long side pocket. But shoes will not easily fit in the other end at all, it’s not tall enough for most standard size shampoo or body wash bottles, and anything else you may want to put there pretty easily falls out if you leave the single zipper open at all. Double zippers would pretty much make this 4.5-star functional. A few more inches of room in the end pocket for shoes or toiletry bottles to stand up would be a bonus (or a sectioned pocket inside specifically for those). As it is, women’s shoes *might* fit here *if* you’re a size 7 or less; if not, they have to go inside the bag. I wish they would have sewn the mesh pocket inside the bag on one of the long sides, rather than the flap “lid” with the zipper at the top. Unzip it, and things immediately want to dish out of it. Maybe I’m just being ergonomically picky. It’s a very decent bag for the price range in which it’s offered. Read more

  2. Medicus

    Very nice, comfortable, enough big and high quality bag. Like it and recommend. Read more

  3. Haley Rose

    I really like this bag! It’s perfect for a few workout outfits, headphones, my lock, a towel, etc. There are little zipper pouches on the inside and outside so you can always keep smaller things, like your keys, phone, or sunglasses within easy reach. The only negative thing I will say is that it can be a bit difficult to fit my size 9 gym shoes into the side pouch meant for shoes. This would have been a solid five stars without that little problem. 🙂 Read more

  4. danielle

    Perfect size for my needs. The ventilated spot for shoes is nice but my shoes don’t fit easily in the pouch (size 8.5 women’s tennis shoes). I can fit them in the pouch if I lay them on their side and fiddle with the zipper to close the pouch completely. I don’t think a man’s size shoes would fit in this pouch. They would, however, fit in the main compartment of the bag. Read more

  5. Will M.

    This gym bag rocks!! Its exactly the right size to carry a change of cloths, sandals or athletic shoes, etc. to the gym, yet small enough to fit easily in most lockers. One of the end pockets has a mesh material for the outside to stash dirty sweaty workout cloths so they don’t get too stinky. One large pocket on the side and another end pocked. Metal zippers, a hand carry handle, and a shoulder strap. Quality material and construction throughout. The only thing I don’t like is the zipper on the end pockets zip all the way down to the bottom of the pocket almost that could allow a wallet or smart phone to fall out easily. The side pocket would be a better choice for valuables. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the gym bag. Read more

  6. Anonymous

    I see a lot of duffel bags in the $40-$80 range. If you need something to carry your basic gym stuff and don’t care about being a walking Nike/Adidus advertisement, this bag will rock just as much as any expensive one. It’s sturdy, has great pockets and room, and a nice color to boot. I can fit the following all at once: change of clothes, including winter bulk like a pair of sweatpants, a sweater, and a pair of shoes/small boots, a towel, my goggles, earbuds, keys, wallet, water bottle, phone, and many other small items. And this bag is not huge, it’s just big enough not to be a hassle shoving it into a locker. You can’t beat it for $20. Read more

  7. skstanley

    Bought this gym bag when I was looking for something a little more substantial than a backpack for the gym. I have had this bag for a month or so now and absolutely love it! The colors are almost exactly the same as in the photo and this bag is a great size. I can keep everything that I need in this and it seems to be wearing well. Ie. No wear and tear after consistent use. I even use this bag to fly occasionally and it has been exactly what I needed. Read more

  8. Khart915

    Perfect bag for the gym. It’s big enough and the quality is great just as picture. Read more

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