Style softside upright luggage set, charcoal, 2-piece (14/19)

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model variety.
  • upright: 21″ x 13″ x 7. Five” (with wheels)
  • tote bag: 14″x eleven”x five. Five”
  • telescoping deal with
  • ergonomic padded top and aspect grip handles
  • absolutely lined
  • inline skate wheels and stability bar
  • cloth type: 100% polyester
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from the manufacturer

f102-owl shown

rockland 2 piece soft aspect bags set

this lovely deluxe 2-piece expandable baggage set is manufactured with a heavy obligation six hundred denier cloth. This set is best for the critical & skilled tourist! This baggage set is designed for the vacationer on the cross and includes an upright and a flight tote bag with locks and keys.

  • inline skate wheels and stability bar
  • telescoping handle
  • ergonomic padded top and side grip handles
  • 2 front complete size zipper secured wallet, three internal organizational pockets
  • fully coated
  • detachable and adjustable non-slip shoulder strap on tote bag
  • 19″ upright: 19″ h x thirteen” w x 7. 5″ d (expandable to 2″ deep), carry on tote bag: 14″ w x eleven” h x 5. Five” d
  • features

    f32 black/gray proven

    product description

    this stunning deluxe 2-piece expandable bags set is manufactured with a patented heavy obligation eva-molded hi-rely fabric. This set is ideal for the extreme and skilled traveller. Manufactured with the very nice heavy obligation polyester and % backing, this bags set is designed for the tourist at the cross and springs with 3 expandable uprights and a flight tote bag. It comes full of capabilities inclusive of: an internal retractable deal with, ez-roll in-line skate wheels, returned zippered secured pockets, pinnacle and aspect consolation grip handle, stability bars at the bottom to avoid tilting, and locks and keys. Upright features encompass: clean in-line skate wheel device for smooth ride, push-button self-locking internally stored retractable deal with machine, ergonomic and relaxed padded pinnacle and facet grip handles, two the front full length zipper-secured wallet, and three inner organizational wallet for all your travelling wishes. Each upright’s interior is absolutely coated with a durable and assuredly imprinted lining and fashionable silver pewter heavy obligation industrial hardware. Carry-on flight tote bag capabilities consist of: elegantly imprinted full indoors lining, detachable and adjustable non-slip shoulder strap, spacious essential compartment, and most strength industrial hardware. Convey-on upright: 21 inches high x 13 inches wide x 7. 5 inches expandable to 10 inches deep and weighs 6 pounds. Deliver-on flight tote bag: 12 inches extensive x 11 inches excessive x five. Five inches deep and weighs 1 kilos.


    2-Piece Set (14/19), 4-Piece Set (14/19/24/28)


    Black, Black Dot, Black Plaid, Black/Gray, Blue, Blue Leopard, Brown, Camouflage, Charcoal, Giraffe, Kensington, Leopard, Lime Zebra, Magenta Leopard, Multi/Pink Dot, New Black Dot, New Heart, Orange, Owl, Peace, Pink, Pink Bandana, Pink Chevron, Pink Cross, Pink Dots, Pink Giraffe, Pink Leopard, Pink Zebra, Pucci, Purple, Purple Leopard, Purple Pearl, Red, Tribal, Turquoise, Zebra


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    3 reviews for Style softside upright luggage set, charcoal, 2-piece (14/19)

    1. Kay r

      I purchased the owl pattern for my 5 year old and the giraffe pattern for my 11 year old for a trip to grandma’s this coming summer. After arrival, I inspected the pieces thoroughly and found them to be well made. The goal is to take only a carry-on and a personal bag each so we don’t have to pay extra luggage fees. I did a pre-packing run to make sure how much we could fit inside and I was very happy…. So happy in fact, that I decided to order a set for myself too. I pack by laying out my pants and shirts on top of each other, folding them in half, and rolling them together. I find that I fit far more in my bag that way. Here is what I fit inside the main area for myself without expanding the zipper for the extra 2 inches of room: 2 pairs of jeans 3 pair of mid calf capri pants 5 shirts 1 dress 3 bras 5 underwear 1 pair sandals 1 pair dress flats 1 pair Nike running shoes 1 swimming suit 1 beach cover-up In the small outer pockets I packed: 5 pair socks 3 camis 1 slip In the smaller personal bag, I fit my 11 inch laptop in the large front pocket. In the main area, I fit the following: make-up, curling iron, deodorant, toothpaste, electric toothbrush with its charger, phone and charger, travel size wet wipes and Kleenex packets, wallet, keys, snacks and a water bottle. There is a zippered long narrow pocket on the other side of the personal bag that is the perfect size in which to put your boarding pass. There is also a nice wide strap to loop over the handle of the carry-on so both bags can be pull transported through the airport. I rolled the bags all around my house on carpet and hardwood to test the wheels. They functioned smoothly. I parked the bag free standing and fully packed. It remained upright. Some reviewers have said their bags tipped over when packed. Maybe it depends on what you have inside and how it is packed. I fly Delta and the fee for checked bags is $25 each way so a round trip would cost $50. You are allowed one carry-on and a personal item for free. I paid $29 for the owl print set, $35 for the giraffe print set, and $29 for the solid purple set I bought for myself. I know these will last many trips for my girls and I so it was definately worth the pittance of a price for these new luggage sets. I come out $1 cheaper after tax and with my free prime shipping ordering all of these than I would have to check 2 bigger bags. I packed enough clothes for each of us for a week. I actually could fit two weeks worth of clothes for my 5 year old since her things are smaller. We are staying 3 weeks at grandma’s house so we do laundrythere. I’d much rather have the pretty new luggage for the price than to pack extra clothes and pay for the bag fee. The way I figure it, even if we buy extra stuff there that won’t fit on the way back, it’s cheaper to mail it back in a priority mail one rate box than to pay luggage fees. I am very happy with my purchase and think you will be as well. Read more

    2. Dave J

      Okay I do have to admit, for $32.00 it’s a HIT !! I have used this for a few day business trip and it worked out great. I waited to write this review until I did a real vacation test with this little set. We just came back from a 9 day trip to Cancun and I have to say this little carry on did very well, and saved me $25.00 each way for checked luggage. My Family thought I was a little crazy that I was only taking a carry on and not packing a huge suitcase. I will say I did take a laptop backpack instead of the smaller second bag for my netbook, tablet, chargers, travels docs, etc… I was able to pack everything needed for this trip and there were still a few things I didn’t even wear that I brought. We always take more than we need and this proved that. I was even able to fit a few items I purchased in this carry on for the trip home. I’m a motorcycle guy so packing less is not an issue and obviously going to a warmer climate not much heavy clothing is needed. Here is what I took: 7 shirts, 3 tank tops, 2 swim suites, 7 pairs of socks & underwear, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of walking shoes, 3 pairs of cargo shorts, 1 pair of relaxing shorts, 1 light weight sweat pants, 2 baseball caps, and my toiletry bag. I wore jeans, a short sleeve shirt, and my tennis shoes while traveling. It was a challenge selecting and packing what you think you need, but really wasn’t that bad and I did fit a lot in this Rockland luggage. I flew Delta / Aeromexico and no problems with my two pieces as carry on items. I recommend this set and for $32.00 it’s already paid for with my checked luggage savings, and will have it for many trips in the future as well. 🙂 Dave J Add on comment: I do see a lot of people saying it tips, and yes when fully packed it will tip over if you take your hands off the handle. But I’ve had other bags that do this also, it only took me one time to figure out that I need to hold on to it or lean on my other bag and/or a stationary object to keep it from falling over. Read more

    3. Kevin A.

      This is my second set of this luggage. Why did I get two sets if I think it is one-star? Because the first set was great. It fulfilled its purpose and held my stuff when I traveled (only about once a month). However, it appears in 2015 they must have done a redesign. The most recent set I ordered is awful. The feet on the bottom were made to be more narrow and smaller, so no matter how you pack the rollaboard, it will fall-over when left standing on its own. It’s very tedious to always have to make sure it is leaned against something while at an airport. On the second bag, the decal also fell off during the first use of the bag. The “Rockland” decal wasn’t amazingly pretty or anything, but is just more evidence that they redesigned this luggage to be much lower quality. Buyer beware! I’ve included a picture where you can see how the feet of the two rollaboards are different. Read more

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