Titan automated open near windproof water-resistant foldable umbrella

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your version quantity.
  • maximum strength, automatic open close foldable umbrella withstands winds up to 70mph to prevent inversion
  • neverwet invisible coating at the umbrella canopy allows rain to roll right off for superior water repellency, sturdiness and defense towards the factors
  • car open and close — one push of the button opens the umbrella, one push closes it
  • extensive tie strap for easy, neat garage and wooden/rubber textured cope with with nickel-plated accents for top rate style and grip
  • cover size: 47-inches; folded length: 12. Seventy five-inches. Care instructions: leave open to dry. Wipe clean with a damp material
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from the manufacturer

armed with intuitive features like easy-to-keep handles and fuss-loose tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Sturdy however lightweight, they’re engineered to ultimate via a life-time of stormy weather or we will replace it for free.

  • smart layout capabilities
  • state-of-the-art sun shades and prints
  • long lasting and reliable
  • sturdy and confident rain protection engineered to prevent embarrassing umbrella flip outs in gusty rain storms, we’ve examined the titan in wind tunnels so it can stand up to gusts as robust as 70 mph. The awesome strong yet lightweight aluminum body even while you shake your umbrella off, it nevertheless leaves a dripping mess everywhere you go. Neverwet is a innovative invisible coating that beads up rain so it rolls proper off the canopy, maintaining it 4x drier.

  • withstands winds up to 70 mph
  • maximum electricity aluminum body
  • no dripping mess with invisible neverwet coating
  • remarkable strong aluminum frame.

    comes armed with an creative invisible coating. No dripping mess.

    smart capabilities consist of push button operation, a wide tie strap and an ergonomic take care of for smooth use.

    strong however light-weight, totes merchandise are engineered to final via stormy climate.

    locate your best umbrella for any climate

    totes umbrellas are available several styles to maintain you included from inclement weather. Whether you need protection from the rain, excessive-velocity wind, or the new solar – totes has you protected.

    locate your best umbrella for any weather

    after a rain shower, the average umbrella leaves messy puddles on your automobile, hallway and anywhere you move. But totes neverwet umbrellas are armed with an inventive invisible coating that repels water in order that it stays 4x drier.

    discover your perfect umbrella for any weather

    war sturdy winds and gusts with out lacking a step. Titan umbrellas feature ultra-robust aluminum frames to prevent embarrassing turn-outs. We’ve constructed our titans to face up to 70mph gusts so that which you live dry and protected in rainstorms.

    find your best umbrella for any climate

    on sunny days, create your very own shade with a totes sunguard umbrella that blocks 98% of harmful uv rays. It’s ready with an invisible coating that facilitates preserve you up to 30 degrees cooler compared to status in direct daylight. When an unexpected downpour arrives, you’ll also have a way to stay dry.

    the totes distinction

    neverwet generation

    titan max-energy

    sunguard safety

    product description

    live dry inside the heaviest wind and rain with a totes titan automated open near umbrella. Robust, aluminum frame reduces threat for umbrella inversion and withstands finishes up to 70mph. Neverwet invisible coating lets in rain to roll right off so umbrella remains 4x drier — no dripping mess! Easy auto open and close — one push of a button opens the umbrella, one push closes it, preserving one hand unfastened when you’re on the cross. Beneficiant 47-inch canopy folds to 12. Seventy five inches for easy storage. Flawlessly transportable with easy-deliver wrist strap and extensive tie strap for compact garage. Take care of capabilities each a long lasting, clean timber tip plus a textured rubber grip, for comfort and fashion.



    8 reviews for Titan automated open near windproof water-resistant foldable umbrella

    1. cobbie1010

      Purchased the Totes 70 mph Windproof Titan Auto Open Close umbrella in Sept 2017. Umbrella looked and felt sturdy to withstand New England weather. Used the umbrella during several rain, wind and snow storms and started to have problems. The umbrella opened up fine at first, but started having a hard time closing when I pressed the button for the release. It would get stuck and I would have to shake it for it to close. Had a day of very strong winds and the umbrella inverted due to the heavy wind and now the spoke inside is broken and the umbrella is no longer useable as it will automatically close on you during a storm. Unfortunately this is going in the trash and my hunt for a well made umbrella will begin once again. Read more

    2. reby47h

      This is larger than most umbrellas these days but I couldn’t find anyone who listed the actual canopy size. For inquiring minds it is 43″. Not 47. Never believe the advertised size even though this one says canopy where the actually product says 47″ coverage whatever that means. Not sure how you can cover 4 more inches than the size. And no I don’t believe the 70 mph claim either. Not that I will ever try that. You got bigger issues at that speed then an umbrella. But overall seems like good product. Haven’t field tested yet. It is snowing instead. Read more

    3. NM

      Looks like I am the first person who PAID for the umbrella to post a review. Seems all the others (as of 07/10/17) are “Vine Free Promo Reviews” so here is an unbiased review from someone who actually shelled out $38.16 (w/tax) to get hold of this umbrella. Looks like (as of 07/10/17) that this umbrella is a very recent release. I was unable to locate this part number on Totes website, and did not see it listed in a general view of products. From what I can surmise this umbrella would be the latest in the line of Totes products that are *both* “NeverWet” *and* “Titan”. The last one was the 8755 which showed as being “available on Amazon” as of August 2016. This 07115 is hot off the presses as it hails from a month ago – June 2017. Part# on umbrella tag: 07115 (in black) Dimensions: Height (closed/in sleeve): 12.75 inches Diameter (closed/in sleeve): 2.5 inches (2.25ish–2.5) Height (open): 24.5 inches Diameter (open): 42 inches Length of the “rod” under the umbrella – including handle – when open: 21.25 inches Length of the handle: 3.25 inches “Canopy” is 47 inches according to specs. I am too lazy to try measuring this… Here are different models for comparison 07155 47″ Canopy NeverWet and Titan 70Mph <--- Best of both worlds! 8755 43" Canopy NeverWet and Titan 70Mph 7570 55" Canopy Titan 70Mph 7550 47" Canopy Titan 70Mph 7110 55" Canopy Generic (much older) Totes Auto Open/Close umbrella (have this one) One item of note is that the handle is a tiny bit smaller than my previous model and looks to be made of wood rather than the usual rubber/?/plastic materials. As this item arrived today and it's Sunny outside, there isn't a chance to field test the umbrella, but will give it a shot when the next major storm passes by. I would expect it to hold up to the Totes standard of excellence, as it seems the normal reason for one of these umbrellas "needing to be replaced" is that it is either Left Behind or someone "borrows" it. For myself, finding this product at random on Amazon was a stroke of luck as I was in the process of buying a "spare" umbrella to stash for emergencies. The 7570 55" Titan seemed to have a LOT of negative reviews which implied it failed more often than not, maybe as it was Too Big To (not) Fail. That left the smaller 7550 47" Titan - which had better reviews - or the MUCH smaller 8755 43" Titan/NeverWet. While I was interested in the umbrella that had both features, the much smaller size was a deal killer. Was about to go with the 7550 47" Titan when I stumbled over this product. It had the larger (47" canopy) size, the Titan 70mph rating, AND the NeverWet feature as well. Seemed too good to be true, but as I have the item in hand, can say that this is the umbrella to buy as it gives you A) Large canopy, B) Titan 70mph protection, C) NeverWet feature. Until Totes comes out with a 55" canopy version, this one is a keeper. - From someone who actually PAID for their umbrella, not someone who got it for free. 🙂 Read more

    4. lynn ahearn

      Umbrella turned upside down in first wind and broke. Now I must pay to return to Totes and pay for shipping of new umbrella. Poor product and unhappy I have to pay for new umbrella shipping. Totes should pay to replace inferior product that did not work as promised. Terrible Totes umbrella and warranty. Very dissatisfied with Totes. I will not purchase any of their products again. Read more

    5. Vinnie T

      Decent umbrella, but feels somewhat “lightweight” to be able to stand up to high wind. It’s durability remains to be seen. Thought the canopy would be a bit bigger, but it does the job. Opens well, and closes (at least the upper portion” when the button is pushed while open. You still have to push against a strong spring to close the handle into the closed canopy to wrap it up. Update after using this umbrella a while: Hinges make a bit of creaking noises after several uses. Doubt it can stand up to the advertised wind speed claimed. Be careful accidentally pressing the handle button when opened since it will close and dump water on you. Can’t then be opened up and reset until you fully close it and then reopen it. Button activates closure with little pressure needed, so it can happen when you least expect it. Read more

    6. E.N

      It’s been sitting in my book bag for almost 8 months or so and took it out when it was raining… I assure you the wind was not 70 MPH hardly maybe 15 or 20 mph and the umbrella flipped and broke the metal infrastructure. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Read more

    7. Lawrence Hubbard

      I purchased two of these to give as Christmas gives and received rave reviews from both individuals. This umbrella is tough, compact and both opens and closes with the push of a button. It lives up to its billing and more than worth the price! Read more

    8. Bryan

      i was very disappointed with this purchase and returned it immediately. the dimension of the canopy is clearly less than what was described. another reviewer mentioned this as well. but, i didn’t see it until after purchase. the quality of the metal frame is also cheap. i expected a lot more from the totes brand. i see no reason for anyone to buy this product. Read more

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