Titan compact tour umbrella – uv solar protection, windproof, waterproof, one touch auto open/near

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  • make certain this fits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • automated, compact & lightweight: one contact car open/near makes the umbrella clean to apply with just one hand. One simple contact of the button your umbrella will without difficulty open and near. Totes compact umbrella collapses down to eleven inches and suits flawlessly into purses; golfing luggage; backpacks; carry-on bag; briefcases and extra. Best rated umbrella for rain; solar; tour; and adventuring exterior- making it the last umbrella for ladies and men.
  • windproof engineered: top rate 8 rib production made of more thick long lasting and lightweight aluminum. Wind resistant titan most electricity era withstands great robust winds and gusts up to 70 miles in step with hour. Fiberglass foreribs provides to the strong and light-weight construction stopping breakage and rib distortion because of umbrella inversion.
  • waterproof & uv sun protection: huge 47 inches cover made with 200 thread remember long lasting polyester. Neverwet canopy repels rain water and maintains your umbrella 4 times drier; and permits your umbrella to dry 2 times faster than different umbrellas. Sunguard sun protection blocks 98% of dangerous uv sun rays – upf 50+ score.
  • handy layout functions: patented extensive tie strap makes it easy to wrap your umbrella backup for easy storage. Tour case blanketed – eva interlined case allows you to stow your umbrella back inner your bag with out getting non-public property wet. Elastic wrist strap deal with lays flat and stays out of your way whilst in use.
  • totes assure: sturdy but light-weight; you’re blanketed from rain, sleet, and snow. Totes merchandise are engineered to ultimate thru an entire life of stormy weather.
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armed with intuitive features like clean-to-preserve handles and fuss-free tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Robust however lightweight, they’re engineered to ultimate thru an entire life of stormy climate or we will replace it without spending a dime.

  • smart design capabilities
  • brand new sunglasses and prints
  • durable and dependable
  • robust and confident rain protection

    titan the totes titan umbrella is in particular engineered to prevent embarrassing umbrella turn outs in gusty rain storms. We have examined the titan in wind tunnels so it may arise to gusts as robust as 70 mph. The key’s our superb robust yet light-weight aluminum body, which resists inversions.

  • withstands finally ends up to 70 mph
  • maximum energy aluminum body
  • extraordinary strong aluminum frame.

    clever functions encompass push button operation, a huge tie strap and an ergonomic cope with for clean use.

    strong but light-weight, totes merchandise are engineered to closing through infinite seasons of stormy climate.

    find your perfect umbrella for any climate

    totes umbrellas are available in several styles to preserve you covered from inclement weather. Whether you want safety from the rain, high-pace wind, or the new solar – totes has you protected.

    discover your best umbrella for any climate

    after a rain shower, the average umbrella leaves messy puddles for your automobile, hallway and anywhere you go. However totes neverwet umbrellas are armed with an innovative invisible coating that repels water so that it stays dry.

    locate your best umbrella for any climate

    conflict sturdy winds and gusts without missing a step. Titan umbrellas function ultra-robust aluminum frames to prevent embarrassing flip-outs. We’ve constructed our titans to withstand 70mph gusts so that that you stay dry and protected in rainstorms.

    locate your ideal umbrella for any climate

    on sunny days, create your personal color with a totes sunguard umbrella that blocks ninety eight% of harmful uv rays. It’s ready with an invisible coating that enables keep you up to 30 levels cooler compared to standing in direct sunlight. While an surprising downpour arrives, you’ll also have a manner to stay dry.

    the totes difference

    neverwet era

    titan max-power

    sunguard protection

    product description

    stay dry inside the heaviest wind and rain with a totes titan compact travel umbrella. The strong; windproof aluminum body reduces the chance for umbrella inversion and withstands outdoor winds up to 70mph. Totes special neverwet invisible coating allows rain to roll right off so your umbrella remains 4x drier — no dripping mess! Smooth vehicle open and close — one push of a button opens the umbrella; one push closes it; preserving palms loose when you’re at the cross. Sunguard sun safety blocks ninety eight% of dangerous uv solar rays – upf 50+ score. The large 47-inch cover folds to 12. Seventy five inches for easy storage. Flawlessly transportable with easy-bring travel wrist strap and wide tie strap for compact storage. Cope with capabilities both a durable; clean wooden tip plus a textured rubber grip; for comfort and fashion. Totes merchandise are engineered to last through an entire life of stormy climate.


    Black – Triple Protection, Navy, Tread, White Multi Sport Dot – Triple Protection

    7 reviews for Titan compact tour umbrella – uv solar protection, windproof, waterproof, one touch auto open/near

    1. John

      So don’t let the pictures fool you. It’s compact when folded. But unwrap it and press the button to reveal a big ass umbrella! And press it again to collapse it! It looks and feels really high quality and I can tell by the metal that it won’t just unravel when the wind blows. I bought the black one and it looks professional and work ready, while also compact and has a nice strap attached to it, so it’s perfect for my commute to work. It’s also really affordable for a totes umbrella (this is my third, the first two got lost) with the $4.00 coupon amazon has going. With free next day on Prime! But best of all, even though it’s big, it’s not as big as those ridiculously huge umbrellas people in New York walk around with, so you won’t look like a douchebag when you have it open. Lol Overall, I’m super satisfied with my purchase, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, sturdy, reliable yet compact umbrella, big enough to also cover your backpack. Maybe even with a loved one. Read more

    2. J. E. Vandergriff

      The only product that changes more than car models in styles and needless engineering is umbrellas. Often not for the better. I wanted a spare Totes 22605 ca 05956 which I love, 5 stars, but I’m not in love with their more current line up. I found the Totes website less than helpful and I struggled with identifying Totes umbrella’s closed shapes and proportions. Their catalog’s product thumbnails only show the open/deployed configuration, I had to click on each product to view the closed configuration. Quality close-up product photos of the handles (I don’t like foam handles, less long term durability, they decompose and crumble over time, harder to control) and materials weren’t helpful, basically enlarging/upsampling a low quality, small product photo. I settled on the Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella, Windproof, Waterproof, Auto Open/Close, which is more compact. The first time I tried to close it, I released my grip on the handle at the first click (how was I to know there was a second click?) and it punched me in the gut. I’ll live, more of a surprise, but not a good first impression. In my entire life, I’ve never had this happen. There is a false click that made me think the umbrella was latched closed. I’ll attribute it to being unaccustomed to the more compact umbrellas. I’d still prefer around a 16 inch closed umbrella and a single telescoping joint. Advice, keep closing until you reach the second, stronger latch click. The umbrella’s telescoping shaft has a lot of rotational wobbliness at the lower joint, at least 5 degrees. Much more than I’ve experienced on any previous umbrellas. I have concerns over how this might interfere with handling, managing the umbrella in strong gusty conditions as wind gust will have a 5 degrees say on where the canopy will turn. The lanyard… the new lanyard gets a 1 star, capital F. First, the old lanyards were like a heavy, woven, durable shoe string and simple. Never going to fail you. The new lanyards are over engineered junk. Instead of a single shoe string, the new lanyards are an assembly with primarily a less reassuring elastic lanyard. Long term, less durable, but I guess there’s still a lifetime warranty. Elastic introduces an unwelcome bounce to carrying the umbrella. Elastic will fail much sooner than a shoes string. I really don’t like the elastic decision. Next there is a hub component with the Totes logo on it that reduces the lanyard down to a heavy dental floss diameter string that connects to the handle. Again, the this doesn’t inspire confidence. Unfortunately, the handle isn’t designed that would allow me to retrofit the umbrella with a better lanyard. Current product photos conceal details on the lanyard. To their credit, Totes has a decent lifetime warranty. Hoping they will replace the lanyards for free without the $5 shipping fee. Read more

    3. Renee Stearns

      This is a nicely made umbrella, with a sturdily engineered compatibility feature, but the inside metal framework is so sharp. I should’ve listened to the other reviews. for such a big quality brand it’s quite surprising that this aspect of the product design made it to market. the tines of the umbrella in the inside top get stuck on everything—hair, hats, etc. and THE METAL STRETCHERS ARE SO SHARP THEY CAN EASILY CUT YOUR SKIN. They’re not coated in paint or anything. I would’ve returned it, but was leaving on a trip the next morning in horrible rain. It’s unfortunate because I like this brand, but after seeing the umbrellas at REI and how nice the design of the inside tops are, I was SUPER DISAPPOINTED. Read more

    4. sue

      One rainy night, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner and forgot our umbrellas at the restaurant. Being that it’s still the middle of winter, I knew we’d need them again very soon. I ordered this one but as soon as I did, I saw that it was supposed to rain the next day and I had to stop by a store to grab another one anyways. It was a small one that I can carry around in my bag and I was going to just return this one. BUT after receiving it, I prefer this one. It’s slightly bigger and very sturdy – wind resistant and waterproof! I didn’t think that this feature would really matter but oh…it so does! When getting in and out of stores, restaurants, cars, etc., all you have to do is give it a couple shakes and voila the water falls off the umbrella! No messy puddles left behind you and you’re able to throw it in your bag without getting everything inside it wet. This is a great umbrella…in fact, my boyfriend liked it so much the last time he used it that he ordered one for himself too! Do not hesitate to buy! Read more


      I’ve been buying TOTES for decades now. Love the brand and the ease of use. I travel for a living and want and need compact, quick and easy access umbrella. Especially in areas where the rain just suddenly comes down (i.e. Florida). This particular model TOTE isn’t as compact as I had hoped for. It’s also not as automated as advertised. You will have to assist it in both opening and closing. Build quality is very good. Velcro closing strap is nice and wide. Handle is just right for fit. The umbrella is a value umbrella so in fairness, it can’t be to perfection. Yet it well deserves 4 stars. Read more

    6. ASharma

      I’ve used Totes umbrellas for many years but I always pick them up at a physical store. This time I ordered it from Amazon and the one I received seemed fake. It was flimsy unlike the sturdy quality that Totes normally have. It was also damaged. I returned it right away. Read more

    7. Paul T. Goodman

      All umbrellas are made in China. I hate to admit it but they know how to do it. I bought this to fit in the door of my 2017 Impala and it fits great. One button open and close works great. Velcro wrap around fits snuggly. Comes with a cloth case. Read more

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