Tote-a-ton 32. Five-inch duffel bag

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  • 100% nylon
  • zipper closure
  • outstanding satisfactory – constructed of mild weight, remarkable durable four hundred denier nylon material and is hand cleanable.
  • roomy important compartment and a zippered indoors pocket for small items.
  • convenient to carry & collapsible – this nylon duffel bag offering -tone handles, screenprint logo at the front, and collapsible for clean garage.
  • flexible – perfect for use as a light-weight health club bag, fitness center sack, shoe bag, sports bag, travel bag, duffel bag, bring bag, airline bag to carry all your gears.
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product description

the samsonite tote-a-ton 32. Five” duffle is created from denier nylon and functions over 6,000 cubic inches of area that makes it a bring-focused on your subsequent holiday or a handy storage solution at domestic. This duffel has a top zipper closure and includes an indoors zippered pocket for small accessories and an exterior pocket for easy access to objects which you do not need to look for within the bottom of the bag. While no longer in use, this duffel collapses for area saving storage.


3-Pack, 32.5-Inch, Single


Bubble Gum Pink, Charcoal, Green, Navy, Orange, Aqua Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Turquoise

6 reviews for Tote-a-ton 32. Five-inch duffel bag

  1. Mark Brady

    My Boy Scout Troop used these to carry their backpacks as checked luggage out Colorado this summer. Heavy duty and perfect for what we needed. Read more

  2. B

    June 9, 2016 Product Update: I reviewed the Duffle below and wanted to add one more picture to the collection. I’m heading to Nepal tomorrow and collected 27 pairs of running sneakers to deliver to the mountain running community. There is an organization there that collects gently used or new sneakers to donate to mountain runners of all ages. Nepalese live on less than $2 a day. The earthquake is still leaving a lasting impression on the small villages that have been neglected by the government. Anyway, you’ll be able to see how this duffle allows me to transport lots of sneakers! Both EMS and REI have their own packable duffle bag which is used to protect backpacks while flying to your destination. They stuff inside of a their pocket and measure approximately 8x10x2. EMS’s bag is $49 and 38″ long. REI’s bag is $29 and 36″ long. After purchasing both I found the Samsonite Tote-a-ton and returned the more expensive bags. The tote-a-ton is cheap in $ but not in quality. The durable material is the same as the more expensive duffles with two sturdy handles to lift. There’s outside pocket and inside pocket, too. I have an Osprey Aura AG 65L. The pack is approximately 31 inches long. It fits perfectly into the duffle with room to spare. I haven’t actually packed the backpack but feel confident it will still fit into the duffle. I am packrafting in Alaska this summer. I need something that will safely get my backpack and gear to Alaska. While in Alaska I will use my backpack for day trips/rafting and my gear will go into the duffle which will be hauled, by the outfitter, to the next location. Perfect solution! Plus, in the future, when I travel and don’t need the duffle, it collapses perfectly and can be stuffed into my pack without taking up a lot of space. I have a friend traveling to Nepal in March. I showed her the duffle and she’s purchasing one to protect her backpack, too. Great deal. We’ll see how it holds up in June and I’ll report back then 🙂 UPDATE July 14, 2015: I just returned from my 10 day trip to South Central Alaska. The duffle was perfect for this trip! Just like I mentioned above…the duffle protected my 65L when I checked it on the plane and then I used it to store my gear and clothing while using my backpack for packrafting during the day. The placement of the zipper made the bag easy to get in and out of. I’m not sure how well the material will continue to hold up because it is rather light weight. It was pretty dirty after being checked on the plane. I don’t travel regularly so it may be a while before it gets used again. However, the light weight factor can be a plus if you are backpacking and have to stow the duffle in your backpack. I’d still highly recommend it! Read more

  3. Jay Dubz

    Light weight and spacious with vibrant colors ! Note # I purchased the plain “Turquoise”, which looks like fluorescent green and black in the picture. However, I’m not sure about the one labeled as ” Turquoise and Black ” since it looks like the one I received, labeled ” Turquoise” only mine was ten dollars cheaper then the one labeled ” Turquoise and black” 😁 Totally cool since I like the Turquoise one and I have enough fluorescent green things. Just something to bear in mind if you REALLY have to have the green bag to match the rest of your gear. Also, no shoulder strap or Velcro for the handles but if your looking to purchase this bag you can probably figure that out in your own. I’m using a seperate piece of velcro for the handles and maybe a key ring or zip tie to hold the zippers together later. About to purchase another for checked baggage on a flight. I’ll update the post with an integrity evaluation. So far, so good. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    You have to understand the utility of this bag to appreciate it. The bag as it is weighs nearly nothing. Full, it holds the same amount as a large suitcase. In my most recent trip which is still ongoing, this carried a full 50 pounds plus of items to its destination. Those items were intended to go in one and only one direction (not come back). So, this is ideal. It carried the 50 pounds of items, unloaded at its destination, folded up into nothing and will return empty weighing in at less than a pound. It has no over the shoulder harness or strap. It would likely add weight, which is not desired. The zipper is very light weight, and you will want to have something that holds it shut. It opened during this trip, and although nothing was lost, it did alert me that you should have something that holds it closed firmly. Maybe a small lock or just twist ties will do, but something. The bag made its trip fine, though, and looks as new as when it left even though it traveled thousands of miles loaded to the brim. Thus, the bags main utility is to carry a large amount of goods while not weighing much itself. WIth the airlines stiffing folks for baggage costs, this is a work-around to optimize what you carry. In this trip, I am traveling to UK, where many food items in the US are not available. Worked like a charm to bring 50 pounds of them here. It will go back empty in my brief case. Some of my other bags weigh about 10 pounds all by themselves when empty. So, when you are bumping into that weight restriction boundary, this will get that extra 10 or so pounds through the gate. This bag is all about beating the airlines at their own game. I want an overcoat that works like this too. 🙂 Read more

  5. Jim in Oregon

    I purchased this duffel bag for nine days of travel in Utah. It worked well, no problem. It’s surprising how much can be fit into this bag, although the more you stuff into it the heavier it gets — and therein lies one of two drawbacks. For ease of carrying heavy travel items or sports equipment, it would be nice to have a shoulder strap, which would be well worth a few extra dollars. Also, if the zipper breaks while traveling, big trouble; many luggage manufacturers put a zipper pull at each end to prevent this problem. I always felt a little silly carrying a modest duffel bag with SAMSONITE emblazoned on the side, but perhaps that’s just me. Read more

  6. Gorav Chhina

    We filled them up to 50 lb or 23 kg and traveled international flight with i stop and got them back still perfect no tear at all. So glad for this purchase. Very well made. Good job Samsonite. You can travel in style and carry more. Read more

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