Traditional messenger bag – long lasting, water-proof, fits 13″, 15″, 17″ laptop

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  • 100% man made
  • imported
  • the conventional messenger: the authentic timbuk2 messenger improved by way of 30 years of knowledge
  • keep it prepared: inner organizer for pc, pens, telephones, and different small stuff; inner scale back pocket provides padded, firm region to shop files; napoleon side-access pocket for access without undoing the flap; internal water bottle pocket
  • clever extras: low profile top snatch cope with for easy heave-ho; partially hid flap buckles with bottom compression straps for subtle and relaxed closure; smart hook and loop placement for instant, smooth closure and reduced sweater-pilling; vista loop for attaching blinky bike lighting
  • substances & in shape: smooth wipe internal tpu liner; coordinating strap pad covered; cross strap not like minded with xs messenger; fully adjustable shoulder strap with a permanent, outstanding comfortable airmesh strap pad; removable crossbody strap for move-body stabilization; foremost body cloth is rugged 150d poly tweed
  • lifetime warranty: timbuk2 stands behind the mythical great and craftsmanship of all our products; we also include the wild, twisty ways of life; if there’s a defect inside the materials or workmanship we can repair the bag at our discretion for the life of the product
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our traditional messenger bag. Designed in san francisco over 25 years in the past. The shoulder strap capabilities a curved air mesh strap pad for elevated comfort, high-quality webbing, and timbuk2 double-loop cam buckle adjusts fast and gets rid of dangling straps. A low profile snatch manage makes the messenger clean to grab and move. Sr buckles are partly hid at the back of the messenger flap for a refined but cozy closure. Internal, the water-resistant tpu liner and nook wings hold water out, and the inner water bottle pocket maintains water in. Allotted internal pockets and organisation balance the burden of your bring. It is a traditional via some contemporary evolution, and it is equipped to be worn for whatever your carry wishes.


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large


Arcade, Army, Black Forest, Citron, Cloud, Dusk Blue/Black, Eco Black, Eco Monsoon, Gunmetal, Hazard, Jet Black, Lightbeam, Lunar, Monsoon, Nautical/Bixi, Pennant, Ration, Rind, Terrain, Toxic, Track, Anchor, Outpost

3 reviews for Traditional messenger bag – long lasting, water-proof, fits 13″, 15″, 17″ laptop

  1. charlie walesa

    I’ll start off by saying that I recently bought last years model of this same bag in medium. Once I saw this new bag with the different features I thought “Sure, lets try it out”. However, I found that the medium bag I had before was massive! I had a ton of extra room in it after fitting in all my stuff. I decided on ordering the small this time and if I didn’t like it, I would simply return it. But just to be safe, I ordered a medium as well. So here I sit with three different Timbuk2 bags. Here are my thoughts on the small and medium 2014 bags. Small: The small bag is great if you need to hold a laptop and a few folders. There are plenty of pockets to keep yourself organized and hold your smaller things. However, I found that this size was just not practical for me. I am a first year teacher that does not have a personal classroom meaning that I travel with my laptop, binder, lunch, water bottle, coffee mug, and several folders throughout the day. With this bag, I was able to fit my binder, laptop, and the folders. It was a tight squeeze though and that bag looked stuffed with all of those things in it. Seeing as I still needed to fit my extras in it, this bag was sadly out of the picture. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Medium: Like last years bag, this thing is huge. I can fit all of my things mentioned in the small review with ease. Additionally, I can fit a mini first aid kit, mints, aspirin, post it notes, pens, pencils, and whatever other small things I need. The only problem that I found with this is that my water bottle (32 oz Nalgene) causes one side to bulge. Overall, it wasn’t that big of a deal and I can learn to live with it. When looking at the new features there were some things that I wish they didn’t remove. 1) The new single pocket front. The three separate pockets on last years bag I found were more intuitive and had better organization. 2) The inner pockets. Unlike last year where there were several slash pockets, a velcro pocket, and pen spaces, this model has only slash pockets with one large zipper at the top. 3) Instead of the cam buckle, Timbuk2 included a small piece of fabric that you pull to tighten the bag. It feels a little awkward to use at the moment but it make just take some time to get used to. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Comfort: The new strap is amazing. The air pockets make carrying a heavy bag extremely easy and comfortable. Again, this bag is great, you can carry a massive amount of stuff in the medium size with room to spare. If you’re struggling between the sizes like I was, make sure you read the dimensions carefully. While the small can hold a 13″ laptop easily, there isn’t much room for anything else. The medium bag will give you plenty of more room to hold your belongings. EDIT: Added some photos of the bags and their contents. Read more

  2. Will R

    Well, I was on the fence between a medium and a small. I’m 6’2 and for my needs the small is the size that works for me best. I am absolutely thrilled about the construction and workmanship on this bag. It seems very durable and even the inside stitching (where other messenger bags fall short) feels sturdy and looks professional. I’m not using this as an overnight bag, but as an EDC day bag. I like messenger style bags because I can wear them on my body in different positions and find getting into them (while still on me) much easier then backpacks. As for the color choice, I am at an age where I’m just done with ‘black’ everything. I try to incorporate color where I can. The best way I can describe this red color is that is falls into a cherry tomato red vs. a fire engine red. Lol, I might be color blind, but let me tell you, I like the fact that it stands out in a crowd. I’ve been able to pare down what I take with me, and I’m down to a tablet, journal and few other daily items. Everyone is going to need a different size, but like I said initially, I like the small size of this bag. I’ll probably get the medium as an overnight crash bag, but for now I’m very happy with my purchase. If you like this review, let me know 😀 Read more

  3. D. A. Holman

    At the time of my purchase (Dec 2018) there were two generations of this bag for sale under the same listing. I accidentally bought both when I thought the first one was missing a shoulder strap pad (more on that in a sec). I’ll quickly break down the differences and explain why one is notably better than the other. With the Black Forrest color (and one other) you’ll notice that they have the swirl logo on the flap and the name on the light/reflector loop at the bottom. This seems to be the identifying mark of what I’d call the better model. There are two main differences from the other models (which seem to have been downgraded). 1) This is the big one for me: The interior compartment contains a dedicated, padded laptop/tablet sleeve (see attached interior pic). This sleeve is attached on the sides but not the bottom. This allows the sleeve to sit front, middle, or back depending on how you load the bag. I pack my large sketchbook behind and some misc items in front so the laptop sits a little more protected in the middle. 1.5) The laptop compartment also has a handy pocket on it’s front side that nicely fits my small sketchbook, or other small items I want quick access to. 2) A minor, but very comfortable addition is the padded grab handle on the back. If you expect to spend any amount of time lugging this around by the handle (around the office, shuffling off at boarding call, etc), this is a very welcome luxury. Comparing this to all the other “value engineered” models: They have a simple pocket at the back of the bag’s interior with no padding, no “capacity” allowance, and no small stash pocket on the front of the larger pocket. The other models also replace the nice padded handle with a strip of fabric that is quite uncomfortable when the bag is loaded. The one trade-off: The Black Forrest (and it’s counterpart) do not come with a strap pad. I was bothered by this at first, but found that the strap is actually pretty comfortable as is once you get it positioned right. If I get soft and decide to go for more cush, Timbuk2 offers a more luxurious pad that can be purchased separately for just $15. That’s a fair trade-off in my book. Whichever one you get, they are all well-built and come with the nicely designed cam-buckle strap. It’s not as wide as the old pre-2014 ones, but it’s comfortable enough and the no-dangle adjustment is really a nice upgrade. Read more

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