Traditional messenger bag – vintage canvas shoulder bag for all-reason use

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  • flap closure
  • roomy, open wallet – functions an extra huge major compartment, front pockets, and side wallet massive enough for all sizes of water bottles.
  • upgraded features – handy take care of is placed pinnacle-rear for smooth sporting. Interior zippered pouch can convey small objects. Includes a padded, period-adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.
  • materials – durable, one hundred% cotton canvas with metal accents. Front flap has a velcro closure. Does not have padding or additional structural help.
  • style – unfashionable navy p. C. Military out of doors college university fundamental tour add-ons.
  • dimensions – 17. 5 x 12 x five”. Weighs simplest 1. 2 lbs. Easily fits all laptops 13″, 14″, and up to 15. 6″. Includes a 1 12 months confined assurance.
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sweetbriar antique messenger bags provide rugged sturdiness for current all-motive use. Direct-to-client costs permit for high high-quality at low cost. Updates function top cope with for clean pick-up portability and a shoulder pad for added comfort.




Army Green, Black, Blue, Olive Drab (Olive Brown), Tan, Washed Brown, Washed Gray

7 reviews for Traditional messenger bag – vintage canvas shoulder bag for all-reason use

  1. Karri Fieglein

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought two of these for our sons – one in black and one gray and we’re very happy with both of them. Video included of all the stuff my 8 year old can hold in his bag. He feels very prepared. Read more

  2. High Standards for Online Purchases

    I like this bag. It’s got everything I need. No bells or whistles, but it’s well-built. I read the reviews that said it’s flimsy. They’re kinda right, but I knew what I was going to do to fix that. I waxed the sucker, and now it’s sturdy and completely bomb proof and waterproof. It might’ve shrunk a little in the dryer (my waxing process includes 45 minutes in a pillowcase in a dryer on high heat), but not so much that it’s a problem. For waxing, melt one pound of beeswax in a double boiler, add 8 oz boiled linseed oil and 8 oz of turpentine, and mix well. Do this outside over a camp stove. The turpentine fumes are pretty strong. Paint the hot, melted mixture thoroughly into seams and all exterior surfaces, place the fabric (garment, bag, etc.) into a cotton pillowcase that you don’t care about, and toss it into a laundromat dryer on high for 45 minutes. Remove the fabric and air dry outside for 24 hours to get rid of the turpentine smell and to harden the wax that is now evenly spread between every fiber, and voila! Waterproof! Rewax annually. Great for cotton/canvas tarps, bags, jackets, etc. The fabric will darken substantially. Read more

  3. Nomadic

    Well, I’ve tried twice. Undeniably, what is labeled as “olive drab” is brown. I was looking for a replacement to the threadbare Rothco heavyweight messenger bag that has been my daily global companion for 3 years now. The olive drab photo on Amazon definitely looks the same as the one I have, but the color is decidedly brown. Thinking maybe it was a mistake, I ordered again. For the second time, brown. The Amazon photo is misleading. My photo shows the Rothco “olive drab” versus the Sweetbriar “olive drab.” The bag itself seems to be well stitched and capable. These bags are droopy and unformed, but amazingly voluminous and versatile. Unlike the Rothco version this one has a grab handle, although it doesn’t have the snaps on the outside end pockets the Rothco does. Read more

  4. mitchell

    It may sound weird to say a shoulder bag feels good, but this thing feels incredible. I love it and am so glad to have it. I’ve seen some comments critiquing that it doesn’t have self-standing shape, but… Dude, seriously? This bag has expansive storage, wide pockets, and (again) is super comfortable. Frankly, if you have a problem with this bag, something is wrong with you. Five stars, hands down. And nobody paid me jack shiz for this review. Read more

  5. Brian DiGiorgio

    I had this bag for about 3 years before it finally fell apart, and then I promptly came on here and ordered a new one. Here’s what I think of it: Things I love about the bag: -It holds a lot more than you think it will. A lot of backpacks and messenger bags are unnecessarily cluttered with extra zippers and pockets and shaping that make them not able to hold as much as they otherwise could. Not this one. It has one big pocket on the inside with barely anything to get in the way, meaning you can stuff it full of computers, binders, and books to your heart’s rectangular content -The few pockets it does have are useful. The front pockets hold a water bottle well, the inside pocket holds small items well, and the side pockets can hold things like headphones or small pouches -It’s very neutral. Nobody will ever comment on this bag because they basically won’t see it, which I’m a fan of -Very small, light, and maneuverable. I can effortlessly swing it onto my lap when I get on the bus without taking it off -Comfortable and easy on your shoulder once you adjust it right What I don’t like: -Durability is kind of an issue, but it still performs well. It developed a hole in the place where the corner of my laptop would just into it, but it held it together for like 2 years after that before finally falling apart. My new one quickly developed the same hole so I guess the clock is ticking already, but it’s still far better than you would expect for the price -The strap is kind of badly designed. The metal rectangle that connects the strap to the bag always flips sideways because of bad design. The shoulder pad always flips upside down because of bad design. The length adjuster isn’t strong enough to hold it in place for long periods of time, meaning it requires adjustment every couple of days. These are small issues, but they could be fixed -The pocket situation could be better. I pinned the inside pocket to the inside of the bag to keep it from swinging around and that helped a lot. I had to buy a zipper pencil case to put in an outside pocket to hold the rest of my pencils and larger stuff though since none of the outside pockets have any sort of fastening mechanism. Read more

  6. Lena29

    Purchased for my husband that attends dialysis 3 days a week and needed something he could carry his things in crossbody style. No complaints on the bag in quality and durability however I wish there was a more secure way to close it. There are only two strips of Velcro so if the bag happens to get turned sideways or upside down things like keys and pens/pencils fall out of it. There is only one small zipper pocket inside. This is fine for larger items such as books/ water bottle but not so much to carry the smaller items such as house/car keys as there is a lot of room not secured by that Velcro. The items fall out if it’s not carried or lifted perfectly at all times. I will have to see if I can purchase more Velcro or something more substantial to keep his items from falling out. Read more

  7. CaptainDave

    I purchased the bag on Jan, 2019. I use it daily carrying a laptop (Macbook air), college 1 subject notebook, and a bottle of water etc. Didn’t last me 6 months. Read more

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