Travel smart through conair heavy responsibility multi-use cart

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  • heavy responsibility multi-use cart: this sturdy cart is ideal for transporting baggage & more; with a a hundred and twenty lb weight capability, it’s convenient for domestic or travel, folds flat for clean storage & includes a bungee cord
  • bags carts: conair’s travel clever bags carts assist you circulate through the airport, train station, or cruise deliver with ease! Our on hand carts are available a spread of sizes with a spread of capabilities
  • journey accessories: conair’s tour clever journey accessories offer more than a few styling gear, luggage accessories, storage answers, steamers, humidifiers & extra, to satisfy your wishes on the go
  • travel clever: from packing cubes, neck rest pillows, & travel size toiletry kits to hair dryers, plug adapters, curling irons & greater, conair’s travel clever line of merchandise helps you arrive in style
  • move see the sector: since 1959, we have made great small appliances, hair styling equipment, & extra for clients & experts; our tour smart line lets you bring conair great anywhere you go
  • folds flat to healthy into airplane overhead compartment
  • wheels mechanically swing out and fold up whilst platform is diminished or raised
  • greater-robust, light-weight, and folds to 2 1/4″ to keep
  • includes strong bungee twine

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without difficulty transport your bags from your vehicle, through the airport and returned once more with journey clever by way of conair heavy-duty folding multi-use/bags cart. With its rugged four. Seventy five in. Wheels and a hundred and fifty lb. Potential, you’ll find this no longer only the ideal conveyance to get your bags from right here to there, however to move all sorts of such things as containers, books, files and greater.

5 reviews for Travel smart through conair heavy responsibility multi-use cart

  1. Donald R. Poling

    This is an amazing little cart!! I have used several folding hand trucks through work and my own personal use and this cart is built stronger and efficiently than any I have seen and here is why (I am comparing the Travel Smart to the Magna Carts since the MangaCarts are the most popular brand out there): 1.) Small hard rubber wheels….wheels on Magna-carts are large and after a while put a strain on the wheel mountings which causes a wobble after a few months of hard use. 2.) Cart is balanced to the rear with the small wheels so it doesn’t pitch forward like the MagnaCarts do. 3.) Solid steel square tube construction. MagnaCarts are a little lighter than this model but the Travel Smart has a lot beefier steel tubing throughout which can handle loads better. 4.) Unit is collapsed by squeezing the top two handles. MagnaCarts have a push button that will lose traction after a while and the cart will remain in whatever position it was locked in. 5.) Full size, hard plastic mountings. MaganaCarts have thin mounting plates and use microscopic screws which shake loose after a while. 6.) Deep load plate. Magnas have a very shallow load plate which will not handle wide items. 7.) Smaller turning radius with the smaller wheels. Magna Carts with their large wheels is like trying to park a semi-truck when trying to negotiate the tight corners on airplanes. Read more

  2. M. HIRN

    First off, I want to say that this cart appears to be solidly built and may serve some people quite well for their situation. For me, it just did not hold up. I work in a school district where I travel around the district and carry a 35 pound tool bag on this cart. I open and close the cart about 16 times each week. After five months of use, one of the wheels no longer automatically unfolds to the open position, The cart has failed. This is disappointing. The wheels are in great shape and everything structurally appears to be sound. One wheel just no longer swings out when the platform is lowered. I can manually hold the wheel in the unfolded position and put the platform down to get it locked in the open position, but then I would have to leave it unfolded to make use practical. The whole value of this cart is that it folds and unfolds, so the loss of that feature is significant. If not for the premature failure of the unfolding mechanism, I could recommend this light and sturdy cart. For those who will not be operating the folding mechanism more than a couple of times a week, this cart may work out just fine. The words Heavy-Duty in the name just do not appear to apply to how frequently it is folded and unfolded. Read more

  3. John Tanaka

    The cart that I thought I ordered was the one depicted in the picture with two height stops, which I assume was an older model. I received the new model where the handle is held up by a clip. The product arrived the day before I needed it for a conference so I did not contact the seller. Having said all that, I did use the cart to haul trade show materials from the hotel to the conference center and it worked great. I’ve used cheaper models that are not stable. This one is sturdy and stable. The handle clip worked fine when the handle was up. When it was folded down, there is nothing other than the bungee cord to hold it down which only does a marginal job. Also, you should know that the cart is about 31 inches tall when folded which is a little large to put inside a suitcase or find a box to ship it. Perhaps the one in the picture with the adjustable handle is shorter? I used it as one of my carry-ons for the first convention. The top handle not being secured was an issue. I chose to ship it for the next one. If you plan on shipping it, save the box it comes in (my bad error) as finding another one it will fit in is a challenge. It does do the job for which I bought it and really helps move boxes when at conference trade shows. Read more

  4. Ashlieirene

    I bought this for flying alone with my 1yr old and 3yr old. I brought an umbrella stroller for my 3yr old and strapped my 1yr olds car seat on to this. I didn’t want to pay $60 for one that advertises it for car seats so I tried this one. I’m really happy with it. Good quality, folds up small and fit in the airplane bin with no problems. It’s pretty heavy duty so it’s not super light but its not heavy either. It rolls nicely, it was easy to strap the car seat on to and it met my needs perfectly. The only things I would change are: being able to lock the handle in the down position and maybe having a hook specifically for strapping in car seats. But as I said it wasn’t advertised as a car seat cart so that’s not to be expected and it really was quick to just use the LATCH on it. The handle can be locked down with the bungee but it would be nice to have a quick click lock like the one that locks it up. However, I absolutely would still buy it. It’s not much of an inconvenience. I would strongly suggest it, ill be using it at home as a hand truck too 🙂 Read more

  5. emily fleming

    This was exactly what I needed to transport my 40+ lb bag around campus. The structure is quite sturdy and not too heavy by itself. The wheels are made of a durable rubber and do not make loud noises when on asphalt like plastic ones do. There are spots on campus that are dirt walkways and this cart goes easily over them and other bumpy/uneven surfaces. I have read other reviews on this item and they state that a plastic piece in the wheels broke because of the way the cart unfolds. Due to this warning, I simply pull out the wheels manually before pulling down the metal platform (albiet a bit awkward body-movement). I can understand that the way it’s set up would put strain on the wheels when pulling down the platform (if that makes sense, it’s hard to describe without having the cart in front of you). One negative aspect of this cart is that when it’s raining or wet on the ground, I have to be sure not to set it down because the bag would get wet. This is a great “middle of the road” cart for the price! Read more

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