Travel umbrella windproof with forty six/fifty six inches big canopy 10 bolstered fiberglass ribs ergonomic cope with vehicle open & close

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  • fiberglass body
  • windproof creation: the ten reinforced fiberglass ribs maintain the canopy quite taut and do pretty well on windy days; the main shaft appears to be thicker and extra large than most; the fabric may be very great and connected thoroughly to the spines; the canopy provides enough coverage, so you may be properly included from the elements.
  • automatic & ergonomic: vehicle-open/close, and open with a massive sufficient cover with a purpose to stroll with no trouble and remain dry with some thing on your fingers. The ergonomic manage is dimpled & at ease to keep, it provides some greater gripping electricity while it’s windy out there.
  • journey present: in case you are looking for a journey umbrella, this umbrella genuinely suits your wishes. It’s miles compact enough to fit into your glove compartment or backpack without a top notch deal of hassle. You can take it out for a long ride; it withstand the factors thoroughly; if the strong wind flips the umbrella internal out, however it quickly flips back and display no sign of being worse for wear.
  • compact & large: at 13″ when compacted, it’s miles among the smaller stop of its elegance and effortlessly fits to your glove compartment; however, it pops out to a generous 46″ cover that gives incredible coverage for all.
  • lifetime alternative assure: we’re status in the back of the product we promote. We provide “lifetime alternative guarantee application”, you can be covered for lifetime from the rain, sleet and snow; in case your unit is faulty or damaged, we will arrange a alternative for you without a cost; you do not even need to send your original faulty unit returned!
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  • how do you activate the warranty?
  • expensive consumer, if the umbrella is damaged, you can contact us to replace it and not using a price. E-mail: help@tradmall. Com thanks. See less

  • can this umbrella absolutely occupy at the least 2 human beings?
  • question: can this umbrella honestly occupy at least 2 human beings? Answer: when open it covers extra than forty” – so, sure, if the 2 people are close. By using anon on january 24, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (five) disintegrate all answers

  • how plenty does it weigh?
  • question: how lots does it weigh? Answer: kind of one pound. Through bronx local on december 14, 2018 disintegrate all answers

  • what’s the overall period of the deal with and the stick?
  • query: what is the general period of the manage and the stick? Solution: about thirteen inches whilst it’s closed. Approximately 24 inches whilst unfolded. Via sarah chen on march 23, 2019 fall apart all answers


    46 Inches, 56 Inches


    Black, Brown, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Gray, Dark Gray

    8 reviews for Travel umbrella windproof with forty six/fifty six inches big canopy 10 bolstered fiberglass ribs ergonomic cope with vehicle open & close

    1. Fred E. Miller

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Cheap umbrellas are CHEAP! I’ve lost the use of many because they leaked, broke away from the ribs, or turned inside out in the rain. This umbrella is build like a tank. Compact and easy to open and close. I love it! Read more

    2. Janet

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is a great compact umbrella. What starts off at 13” from top to bottom, opens to a 41” canopy. When you press the button, the umbrella completely opens up. And, most importantly, when you press the button again the umbrella collapses. This is great when you are getting out of the car in the rain. You can open your door just enough to hold the umbrella up, hit the button and voila the umbrella opens and you can get out without getting wet. When you are coming back to your car, open the door and get in then hit the button and the umbrella closes and you can pull it into the car. No more struggling to get the umbrella closed and into the car all the while you are getting wet. That’s not going to happen with this umbrella. Read more

    3. jf.armando

      EDIT 02/18/2019 I added one star to my review given that TradMall sent me several emails offering a free of cost replacement, even when I had already bought a different umbrella. I stand by my words saying this is not a truly windproof umbrella, but it serves it’s purpose if you don’t live in Boston or somewhere very windy. And again, TradMall went the extra mile by replacing it, even after I said I didn’t need one anymore. I’m a typical “Sort by Avg. Customer Review” user, and in this case it just didn’t work. Umbrella seemed fine when it arrived, but flipped three times on the first day of use (it was windy, but really nothing drastic). Thought it might’ve been too much wind and I was expecting too much of it, so I used it a couple of more times. Worked fine without wind, but on the third use (windy again), it kept flipping. Didn’t expect an amazing umbrella for this price, but this is certainly NOT windproof. I am returning it and doing some more research for a better one. Read more

    4. Eddy

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is a great umbrellas you have in your vehicle, and your house or any other place you may need to store it because it’s very small one is closed and I had ample room to cover you from the rain. It’s very stylish, It has a nice design to it. I also like the pushbutton open and the pushbutton close feels very strong when it does and when you close it you just have to push it down with your hands. It feels like a solid and well built umbrella. Read more

    5. Prisoner of Planet Moron

      Umbrellas have been around for millennia, so I didn’t expect much new when I sought a replacement. I was pleasantly surprised by this product! Here in Gulf Coast Florida, we have quite a bit of rain — plus a bit of wind, too, as one may have noticed in recent news reports. This can be challenging when one’s dog needs a nature break. Exiting the lanai out into the yard is a complex project with terrier, leash, baggies, and umbrella in hand. Deploying an umbrella before exit makes it impossible to get through the door. Deploying the umbrella afterwards is not pleasant, as my previous umbrellas have required two hands to manage — while it is raining heavily and my terrier is straining at the leash. With this umbrella, problem solved! The single pushbutton to deploy and collapse the umbrella is a real aid. Add in a large deployed size, plus a lifetime guarantee, and this umbrella is a winner. Meets my needs perfectly. Read more

    6. Anon

      UPS literally delivered this just as I was about to go out and run some errands in the rain. Right from the beginning I found this to be exactly as described. Despite the small(ish) size when folded – small enough to easily fit in a medium sized purse, the umbrella was very easy to open and close and, when opened much larger than you would expect from such a small unit. It was a windy and blustery day and I had no problem with it keeping its shape and providing excellent coverage. For the price you cannot beat it! Highly recommend it! Read more

    7. Ghantasala

      This is very sturdy umbrella with super strong spring which could hurt a person standing nearby. One rib support bar broke within first hour of usage and Tradmall promptly sent a new one (reason for 4 stars). 2nd one is bit smoother than the first one and really like automatic open and close functionality. Pros: – Lifetime warranty with free replacement if broken – Sturdy, quality auto open-close 42″ umbrella – Water repellent fabric – Elastic holding band is a bonus. Cons: – Only the canopy is closed, when you press the button and you do have to manually push the shaft back down. Unless you bring the shaft down, auto open does not work! – Need to push it hard to close the shaft and it could be a challenge to some! Just noticed it’s on sale with 50% off at $9.99 after coupon and ordered another one. It’s no brainer to get this quality lifetime umbrella especially on sale! Read more

    8. Tom

      I purchased this umbrella because I needed one that had auto open and close. I’ve been very happy with and I’ve gotten more use out of it than I would like (it’s been raining almost every day). Water beads right off, the internal parts are strong, and so for it has held up extremely well. It’s heavier than my previous umbrella but I think that is to be expected with the auto open/close feature, and it’s significantly more robust. It has a single button to deploy and retract that is located on the handle. It’s comfortable to use and keeps me dry, not sure what else you could want. Read more

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