Underneath cover print automobile open near umbrella,floral

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  • make certain this suits through getting into your model wide variety.
  • top class lightweight, vehicle open near umbrella with colorful beneath canopy prints
  • one contact button feature for automatic beginning and remaining
  • includes storage sleeve for easy wearing and extensive tie strap for remaining in a snap
  • bright, pleather-like black outer cover for particular fashion
  • canopy size: 43-inches; folds to eleven-inches when closed. Care: depart open to dry. Wipe clean with damp cloth
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  • is this one of totes’ inverted umbrellas? Known as an imbrella????
  • question: is this one in all totes’ inverted umbrellas? Called an imbrella???? Answer: i’ve been honestly disenchanted in those umbrellas, in truth, any umbrella. It wouldn’t near with the automated button and the one i bought after this one does not near both and it inverts inside the rain. I do not know if i will ever attempt every other umbrella, just put on my hood. By way of 8991 on january 24, 2020 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (five) collapse all solutions

  • how a good deal does this umbrella weigh?
  • question: how a great deal does this umbrella weigh? Answer: i don’t know the precise weight but i’m able to carry it in my handbag. Very lightweight however very strong inside the wind. Through melissa on september eight, 2020 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • does everyone know the length from the bottom of the cope with to the canopy? Mine seems brief and i am wondering if it isn’t beginning properly.
  • query: does all and sundry understand the period from the lowest of the cope with to the cover? Mine appears quick and i’m wondering if it isn’t always beginning well. Solution: i measured mine to be 18 half of”. By way of amazon consumer on july 31, 2020 collapse all answers

  • any exact for sun protection?
  • query: any exact for sun safety? Answer: i think it’d be although i haven’t used it within the solar. By way of a. Sneed on july 14, 2019 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (2) collapse all solutions


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    Floral, Raindrops, Sky, Zodiac

    8 reviews for Underneath cover print automobile open near umbrella,floral

    1. DCmomgotgame

      This is the absolute cutest umbrella. This umbrella is all about style. People turn their head and look at it whenever I have it opened. No more plain days when I have this cutey. What Lady doesn’t want to look this fashionable and with a quick push of the button? I used it as a sun umbrella also in 90 degree weather. It provides good shade and it did keep me cooler. Look at the picture and you can see how wide it is. I also use this for the rain. The water just slides off of it. The color of the outside of the umbrella is almost luminous. It is not a dull-looking blue color. The color is a cross between cobalt blue and sky blue. Very pretty. Even when it’s in my purse, the very edge of the printed pattern can be seen just a little. So the umbrella folds up really good and there is a velco strap fastener. It is attached very well. I don’t see that the seam is loosening. The automatic button to pop up and open the umbrella works quickly. I just unfasten the velcro, hold out the umbrella, push the automatic button, and I’m all set. I see why Mary Poppins keeps her umbrella around! Read more

    2. Anonymous

      I was very excited to receive this umbrella because I LOVE stars and the print was super cute. The constellation was nice to look at during poor weather. HOWEVER, this umbrella is only good to look at because it does not function well. I used this umbrella for the first time and the lightweight of the umbrella immediately had me worried. When the wind picked up a little bit, the umbrella started to wobble and felt unsturdy. Then, it finally flipped inside out, multiple times. It was SAD and DISAPPOINTING. I looked around me and no one else’s umbrella flipped. For reference, the wind was blowing at approximately 14mph, according to The Weather Channel. This umbrella is cute but not practical. Read more

    3. Multi-tasking Genius

      Bought this for our 7yo daughter (lol) as she asked for a new umbrella for Christmas. I thought this one was fun and looked very cute but not too “cutesy” so she wouldn’t outgrow the pattern. Boy, oh boy! I own several different sizes of Totes umbrellas and NONE of them are as high quality fabric as this one! The black top and the underside clouds are actually two different layers! I can’t speak for the metal frame, as it’s likely just the same as my own, but the fabric itself is definitely higher quality than the standard one-layer Totes umbrellas. If she takes care of the frame, I expect this one will last a LONG time! I plan to look for other similar two-layer models before my own birthday as now I’d like to own one too! Read more

    4. H. Kaplan

      The item looks lovely (having a picture of a beautiful sky helps on a rainy day!). Plus, I can forgive stiffness on opening since I haven’t had it long. However, the wide (nice) Velcro closure is virtually impossible to wrap tightly enough to actually close. In addition, the description mentions the ‘nice storage bag’ but even after receiving TWO of these (Amazon generously sent me a free replacement), there is still NO STORAGE BAG. A bag is extremely useful when you have a wet umbrella and don’t want it dripping on a floor or tabletop. How can you list it and not provide? As I mentioned, Amazon sent me two separate orders when the first came without but the second one came without as well. This claims to be a totes product. Since a necessary order part is missing (twice!), I tend to believe this is a counterfeit item. Very disappointing. Read more

    5. ReviewGirl

      I bought this for my mom for mother’s day. She loves the pattern & how easily & gently it opens up & closes w/touch of a button. However, it arrived from Amazon coated to the point of feeling wet in the water-proofing chemical that Totes uses to keep the rain from soaking into your umbrella. (Nearly all chemical waterproofing agents are toxic – look it up. ) So my mom is going to have to take it out in the yard wearing gloves & give it a good hose down inside & out prior to use which is a pain & bad for the environment. Read more

    6. Judy

      I did not expect it to be double layered, which felt a little bulker compared to totes average umbrella. However, the fact that its sooo pretty and is a compact umbrella makes it up! Makes me want to look up at my umbrella and pretend I am looking at pretty skies while it is raining haha. I have always wanted some type of transparent or sky or cool design on the inside of the umbrella that was also compact. I have always trusted totes for their umbrellas and finding this one from totes was perfect for me! Read more

    7. Belphoebe

      I’m picky about umbrellas! But I needed one to keep in my bag for the frequent short trips I take, and so I turned to Amazon. There seemed to be hundreds to choose from, but I chose this because it is made by Totes, it has a lovely lining, and it is larger than most of the others. Then when it arrived, I was shocked at its size and quality—it’s better than the expensive full-size umbrella I’ve been using for years! I paid very little for this Totes umbrella, and it is far more practical than my huge designer umbrella, which will now take a place in the back of my closet. Yes, I recommend this umbrella! In fact, buy two! Read more

    8. reader

      I ordered 6 for gifts for Senior gifts all girls. Guess what the picture of the item is NOT what I received. Black and polka dots not pretty blue with a pretty flower pattern on inside. Very disappointed with the false advertising!!! Read more

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