Upf 50+ forty two inch sodalis tour umbrella – sun defensive (one length- mild rose)

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of getting into your version variety.
  • upf 50+ – blocks 98% of uv radiation
  • generous 42 inch arc, 38 1/2 inch diameter with patented double-canopy layout with mesh insert for optimum air flow and stability
  • ergonomically designed tender grip take care of with push button auto-open and car-near characteristic
  • corrosion-resistant fiberglass ribs and spreaders; outside blocks harmful uv rays whilst the bottom reduces glare bouncing off surrounding surfaces plus water repellent long lasting nylon cloth
  • measures 20 inches fully prolonged, collapses to 11 inches; weighs zero. 95 lbs; color coordinated sheath; imported
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product description

sodalis journey umbrella

color-and cloudburst insurance-to head! Like any our solar umbrellas, this 42 inch sodalis journey umbrella continues you fantastically cooler on hot, sunny days. It capabilities a high-tech coating that maximizes your solar safety and without difficulty sheds water.

stash this umbrella on your day bag, your carry-on, your glove field-and be ready for any kind of climate. Water repellent durable fabric. Designed for man or woman use.

our undertaking is to hold the sector secure from solar damage, defend people with a solar-associated medical condition and prevent absolutely everyone else from growing one.

we agree with absolutely everyone deserves the proper to an active, outdoor lifestyle within the sun, so coolibar garb and add-ons are upf 50+. Sun safety is our sole cause. That’s why we custom design, produce and offer technically stylish styles in proprietary fabric that block 98% of uv rays.

as relied on specialists in sun protection, we know the extra you’re included, the extra you are blanketed, and the more you will revel in a carefree lifestyles out of doors. We’ll by no means compromise on safety. We’ll never skimp on satisfactory. We’ll constantly test our fabric for upf 50+ safety. Welcome to health, happiness, and coolibar life inside the solar.


One Size


Black, Brown Leopard Print, Coolibar Blue, Gold/Aqua Metallic, Light Rose, Silver/Green

8 reviews for Upf 50+ forty two inch sodalis tour umbrella – sun defensive (one length- mild rose)

  1. R. Julka

    So I’ve been using UV- umbrellas since 2007 and this is definitely a great sun umbrella. I took two of these to Spain and Portugal in the middle of the 2019 summer heat wave (90-103 F anywhere we went) and because of these, we were able to enjoy what we were seeing without dying of heat exhaustion. In Portugal, my brother in law and sister made fun of me for using it….until they got under it and felt the difference in temperature. After that, it was more “where’d you get that again??’ So yes, definitely provides great protection. My only issue that one of the umbrellas already has a few worn spots/holes after two weeks of use. Read more

  2. SunKira

    I love this umbrella. This is the second one I’ve purchased. I still use the first one I purchased about 12 years ago, but it is silver and is starting to look a little “tired” . When I saw this umbrella in blue, I thought it was so pretty that I decided to treat myself to a new one. As a resident in San Diego, we have many sunny days, and the UV rating gets higher all the time. As a fair skinned person, I take UV protection very seriously. I’ve tried UV rated clothing, but always felt so uncomfortable due to the type of material used to create the UV protection. They claim to be “wicking” but that doesn’t reduce the warmth I feel. The same goes for wearing a hat. It’s just too uncomfortable since all my heat escapes through my head, not to mention how it “flattens” my hair. Using this umbrella makes the heat and sun very bearable as I walk to the gym or run errands each day, and I can wear sleeveless tank tops without concern for the sun. Of course, I’ve been doing this for years so I’m used to the odd looks I get sometimes, but most people say, “what a great idea.” I noticed that some reviews complain about the weight of the umbrella since it is considered a travel umbrella. This weight is caused by the thickness of the spines, which is what makes it such a quality umbrella. But holding it in position has never felt uncomfortable to me at all. This sturdiness is really helpful on windy days. On very windy days I have had it turn inside out, but I just turned the umbrella to face the opposite direction and it reverted back to its original shape. I have since learned how to hold the umbrella so that the dome faces the wind, and it won’t turn inside out. However, this happens only on extremely windy days. As far as comfort goes, I once went to a store opening event and upon arrival saw the the line to get in was long and shade was limited; most people were standing in the sun. I did not have my UV umbrella with me, so I grabbed the small black rain umbrella I keep in the car. As I stood in line, I felt the heat despite of the shade that the umbrella provided. It was stifling! That is the problem with regular umbrellas since they don’t reflect the sun so you get heated while using them. The Coolibar umbrella stays cool underneath and is very comfortable. I think the $49 price of Coolibar’s umbrella is reasonable for the quality. I paid the same price 12 years ago, and in the case of umbrellas, you definitely get what you pay for. I highly recommend this umbrella for anyone who is concerned about UV rays and being comfortable in the sun. Read more

  3. Pam

    Excellent quality sun umbrella – a bit heavy, however, it should hold up well in the rain as well. Beautiful teal blue color, really love this umbrella, however, I need something lighter just for sun. I ordered this brand in white – love it and the zipper pocket… am now ordering the navy blue one as well as SUN umbrellas. If you want to use for sun and rain, stick with this Coolibar, you won’t be disappointed. If you want one dedicated to carry to shade from the sun, I really liked this one (as mentioned) FDJASGY UV Sun Umbrella Compact Folding Travel Umbrella Auto Open Close Compact Folding Rain Umbrellas for Women Men Blocking UV 99.98% Read more

  4. Keni

    Amazing quality umbrella, however not as Travel friendly as I’d hoped for. ESPECIALLY if you have limited space. It’s also VERY bulky & Heavy. Originally got this item to carry in my side bag when out and about, sad to say this will not be happening. I will only be using it for actual bad weather.. but still great quality! Read more

  5. HAPPY


  6. katie raschko

    This umbrella made sunny, 90-degree days in a theme park completely bearable. It definitely felt significantly cooler under the umbrella, and it even kept us from getting burned at the beach. We encountered some windy weather, and though the umbrella blew inside-out a few times, it always slid easily back to the right way. It opened and closed easily dozens of times. Read more

  7. David

    It broke the 4th time I used it. Completely waste of money Read more

  8. Kathy F

    This is a great umbrella for sun protection. It does a good job of keeping you cool. However, I wanted a light umbrella and the weight in the description is inaccurate so it’s a bit heavy to carry on my morning walk in addition to a water bottle. On my kitchen scale the weight reads 1 lb 8 oz. Read more

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