Upf 50+ uv protection journey umbrella extremely light weight

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  • fiberglass frame
  • protect you skin:upf 50+ double lined silver cover to shield your pores and skin from over 98% the uva and uvb ray
  • windproof system:robust fiberglass body with windproof gadget for sunny and windy day.
  • ultra mild weight and compact length: true great aluminum body to lessen the wight, eleven. 6 inch long make it fit you purse properly, so that you can take the umbrella with you in any time.
  • pu lined take care of new layout: pu covered makes the cope with both excellent feeling and final long term
  • multi-shade for desire: we attempt to provide multi-coloration for preference to make you have got more amusing outside
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product description

the umenice solar guard umbrella forty two inch is designed and make for touring in a sunny day with many negative rays and make you much more fun outside. The automobile open and close feature is identical as all of our other one touch pop umbrella, it is straightforward for starting and remaining. The aluminum body was the point designed to alleviate your purse’s strain , and you’ll want to take it with you without considering his weight. All of the element will display you that is not a reasonably-priced umbrella, simply select the coloration you like. Umenice allways offer you an excellent umbrella!


Black, Dots printing, Flower printing, Green, Pink

8 reviews for Upf 50+ uv protection journey umbrella extremely light weight

  1. Sara D.

    I really liked this umbrella initially because it was great to walk around in Southern California for awhile without the strong summer rays cooking my flesh. It is never that windy nor has it rain in my area at all in months. After every use, I return the umbrella to its case. I have used it almost every day for less than a month and it is already falling apart from what I can only guess is opening and closing it with the button or it being held up as I walk around a relatively windless, sunny environment. One of the little arms broke after I pushed the button to close it. The reflective fabric on the outside is wearing away already from opening and closing. I saw other umbrellas that serve the same purpose at my local major retailer at double the price but the mechanical hardware seemed to be of waaaaaaay better quality. Read more

  2. BeccaBoo

    Works great! Only giving it 4 stars because the description is misleading. It’s says it’s a 42” umbrella, but the diameter is is only 36” Read more

  3. Grandma

    I bought this to hike with, in the desert, because I hate to wear a hat. Never even used it in the wind and when I went to open it, it broke. Read more

  4. Kim

    THIS. IS. AMAZING. I hate wearing sunscreen because I can’t find a brand I like and it ruins my makeup and it’s a hassle to remember in the morning. However I like to walk around with the staff during our lunch break for exercise and this umbrella is perfect to shield against the sun’s harmful rays. It is compact enough to carry in my purse but really sturdy at the same time. I don’t get why other reviewers said t flipped out with wind. Mine seems very strong and stable. I love that it has automatic fold-in capabilities if you press the down button. It’s an *amazing* price for the quality you’re getting. Bought one for all my coworkers. It’s a small price to pay for nice skin later on when aging reveals Sun spots and damage. Read more

  5. Johnette M

    I ordered 4 of these umbrellas. I used one and it broke the second time I used it. It works against the sun but obviously its not that durable if I only used it twice. Read more

  6. tktroma

    Update – As of May 2020, this little umbrella is still working great. I did purchase a white one from another brand which was a bit larger, but the mechanism did not work as smoothly as this one, so am going for the white in this brand for a “summerier ” look. Also, I find I prefer the smaller footprint of this one, it fits better in bags, purses, etc. FYI – original purchase was March 2018. Excellent sun protection and a hardy umbrella. I wear a hat. A face shield, or use this umbrella every day. I’ve opened and shut it at least a 100 times so far, shoved it in my briefcase, tossed it in the back seat when in a hurry, and caught it on a rose bush I was picking up and it is still working fine. I’ve only used it once for rain, but it worked just fine. Read more

  7. J. Oh

    deflects sun like advertised, but it flips over too easily. moderate wind and… FLIP! the umbrella inverts. Read more

  8. Bookin

    I was initially very pleased with this sunshade/umbrella, but then I tried to use it for the third time (no problems with the first two uses!) Suddenly the umbrella would not remain open (I had to hold it open in the rain), and then the rod would not retract down. So now I have a travel umbrella which will neither collapse down to small size NOR open and stay open on its own. I’ve tried to fix it, but been unsuccessful. It’s now just a piece of trash. I’ll be seeking to replace it with another brand. Would not recommend. Read more

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