Uv-blockading sun safety uv umbrella – handheld transportable seaside umbrellas offer upf 55+ safety & successfully block ninety nine% of uva uvb mild – windproof sun blocking off umbrella – compact

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  • defend your skin from harmful uv rays: whilst the uv index is excessive, your skin is rather prone to sunburns, blisters, or even sun poisoning; in contrast to wellknown umbrellas, this sun umbrella will offer the sun-blockading protection you want
  • correctly blocks uva & uvb light: the secret’s a reflective fabric we use known as solartek; this material blocks ninety nine% of uva and uvb light and presents you with upf 55+ solar safety; our umbrellas are extraordinary versatile too; many clients use them as a rain umbrella as well
  • wind & excessive warmth are virtually no healthy: the compact umbrella for tour comes prepared with a patented double cover vented mesh device; this particular design will keep you 15 levels cooler and prevent heavy wind from mangling your umbrella
  • the appropriate at the move umbrella: when folded down, this journey umbrella measures a completely practicable 11. Five inches; you may keep this portable golfing umbrella to your automobile, bag, or purse, so when the harsh sun is beating down, you will be covered irrespective of in which you are
  • we are a brand you can agree with: uv-blocker is dermatologist recommended and permitted by the melanoma global basis; pick out from three sizes: compact (42 inches), travel (forty four inches), and massive folder (fifty eight inches); every one backed by using our 1 12 months substitute warranty

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regular, off-the-shelf beach umbrellas may offer you a shady location to hang out, but they do now not block the sun’s dangerous uv rays. The solartek cloth in this umbrella offers upf 55+ solar safety and shields your skin from ninety nine% of uva and uvb rays.

while a heatwave rolls in, and even an afternoon at the seashore would not provide that onshore ocean breeze to chill you down, the uv-blocker will. The patented double cover vented mesh device lets warmness escape, in an effort to help you live 15 levels cooler even as underneath.

the double canopy vented mesh system isn’t always just your private little air conditioner, although. It additionally makes this umbrella nearly windproof. When heavy winds are flipping other sun umbrellas inner out, the uv-blocker will stay intact and maintain shielding you.

we are dedicated to defensive people from the sun’s damaging uv rays. While we hear from families with toddlers, sun-touchy people, and such a lot of others inform us how an awful lot a uv-blocker solar protection umbrella has helped them revel in a beautiful day; it makes our day.

our solar safety umbrellas aren’t just for an afternoon on the seashore. They are perfect for any out of doors activity with a view to have you planted under the solar. Use one whilst looking a carrying occasion, golfing, fishing, boating, taking a stroll around the block, while on vacation, and a lot extra.

wouldn’t or not it’s superb if all of us remembered to reapply sunscreen every hour or after going inside the water? We generally don’t understand that we want extra till it is too past due. That pink hue starts to come back through, and you understand you are in trouble. This umbrella will offer that extra layer of safety that we all want.

we are proud that the complete uv-blocker line become offered the cancer worldwide foundation (mif) seal of approval on march 30, 2021. Their board very well evaluated our products primarily based on average satisfactory and the product’s reinforcement of sun-safety behaviors.

there may be a solar-blockading umbrella for each scenario, from an afternoon at the seaside, or round of golfing together with your friends, to a circle of relatives ride to the caribbean. Choose from three distinctive sizes: compact (42 inches), journey (44 inches), and big folder (fifty eight inches).

6 reviews for Uv-blockading sun safety uv umbrella – handheld transportable seaside umbrellas offer upf 55+ safety & successfully block ninety nine% of uva uvb mild – windproof sun blocking off umbrella – compact

  1. Tobby

    Yes, it works, and yes I consider it worth the 4x cost of a normal umbrella. I tried a normal umbrella, but noticed that I was getting a fair amount of heat from the direct rays. This is because the fabric absorbs the heat from the direct rays and then re-emits the heat under the shade of the umbrella (I have a BS in Physics and am a Licensed Engineer, and I have studied and used these thermodynamic principles in my line of work). I began searching for an umbrella with a reflective surface, since it would substantially reduce the problem of re-emitting heat under the umbrella. This umbrella does a very good job of this. It is also constructed well, and handles being inverted, due to tricky winds, with no failures to the structural components. It blocks most of the direct rays from the sun (you can still see a little bit of the sun through the cloth). You will still feel heat from the surroundings since the ground is hot and strongly emitting Infra-red heat, but you will get very good relief from the direct sunlight. While compact, this umbrella is a bit thicker and heavier than a normal compact umbrella. This is due to the reflective coating on the outside surface of the cloth. I have gotten used to this, especially when it blocks the sun so well. There are other reflective umbrellas out there for less cost. I don’t know anything about them, and they may work okay, but I can vouch for this ones performance. It is a good alternative to putting on sunscreen and as a bonus it keeps sunscreen from polluting our water (which it does when you swim or bath). Read more

  2. Maggie H

    Bought this for a trip to Peru. The sun is fierce there at high altitudes and gets so hot. Tour guides are notorious for giving long talks in the sun about points of interest and history, etc. This kept me well shaded and cooler. Fellow travelers kept asking to stand under it with me and as it is big enough for two I let them. I bought the compact size. Small enough to fit in my medium size Ameribag, but thicker in diameter than say a Totes type of umbrella. Still easy to hold in one hand. Use two hands to close after pushing the button to collapse it, one at each end then push together every time. I only took time to pull the “pleats” into place is when I was ready to stow it, only takes a minute and is easy to do. A gust of wind blew it inside out, but a quick push into the wind pushed it right back, no problem. It kept me cool and shaded, my head of thin hair did not sweat nor did I have messed up hair from taking my hat off, nor that ugly line that hats make in my hair because of this umbrella. My boyfriend was against me buying this cause he said it’d be strange looking, but it was great, perfect, and received a lot of positive attention every where I went, and he was under with me in the end more than anyone else! Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Your umbrellas are a great product, made well. I only returned it due to circumference. I am looking for a size about a 30 to 32 inch circumference. I walk a lot in crowded places and dont want the umbrella poking other walkers. Wear a hat you say. My head sweats profusely when donning a hat. I need a small u v umbrella. Can not seem to find one which is a ” personal parasol” size, built strongly, and is made for rain fabric. Read more

  4. Richard J. Andrews Jr.

    Overall I’m very happy with this umbrella. I walked around Tokyo and with this umbrella I was def cooler and sweated a lot less than I usually do. I’ve never used any other umbrealla, so I can’t say for sure how much different it is, but watching other people walk with umbrellas, I did notice the sun getting though theirs, but mine was completely blocked out. So for the parts I didn’t like. When the umbreall is rolled up is a super thick, and a little heavy. I didn’t mind carrying it around. It was just wrapping it that was kinda annoying. The Velcro strap would barely go around and I’m sure that it will break eventually. I personally don’t lik the silver color, but I understand it’s supposed to be the best option for reflecting the sun. Just wish it didn’t look so cheap and bland. It is a little hard to close, but really easy to open. It’s a decent size that you wont bump into people walking past them, but at the same time, for all that bulk you are carrying around I wish it did have more coverage. Or the ver least bend in more. It’s too small for the rain. I was still getting pretty wet, and missed my regular umbrealla, but I know this is supposed to be for th sun, but I’m just emphasizing on the lack of coverage. Oh, and if you get a small guest a wind. You’re done. This thing is flipping up like those old cartoons. I was kinda surprised how easily this would just flip up from a very small breeze. Oh, and the handle length is really short. I was switching arms constantly because it was kinda too short. Other than that I do think this is worth the price. I’m sure the bulk has to do with the protection factor, but the other things they could fix in a updated version. I will most likely stick with this brand and even upgrade if they made a newer version. Just the comfort of walking around all day without th sun beating on you is worth it IMO. Read more

  5. Julissa T.

    I will be returning this umbrella. This umbrella bends with a minimum amount of wind. The umbrella should cost $5.00. This product was cheaply made. Please do not waste your money and time. Read more

  6. momo_001

    The plus, is that it came earlier than expected. On day two of use, I noticed that the frame of the umbrella created tiny holes on the material. You could see them on the outer fabric. I believe that the fabric used is very delicate and the rod-like framework is sharp and creates these tiny holes in the material. I believe it has everything to do with the way the umbrella opens and closes. It literally shots it open and close with the button. I have own many umbrella before. This one is the first to open and close so quick (forces the frame open/close while pressing through the material). The shade is awesome even in high temperatures (105 degrees in dry heat). It makes it more bearable to walk in the heat! I am sad that this really didn’t work out as I thought it would. Just wish the material was thicker and the rods not so sharp! That is why I am returning this umbrella within 1 week of purchase. Read more

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