Uv-blocking solar protection uv umbrella – hand held transportable seaside umbrellas offer upf fifty five+ protection & efficiently block 99% of uva uvb light – windproof solar blocking off umbrella – travel

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your model variety.
  • guard your pores and skin from harmful uv rays: when the uv index is high, your pores and skin is exceptionally liable to sunburns, blisters, or even sun poisoning; unlike preferred umbrellas, this solar umbrella will offer the solar-blockading safety you want
  • correctly blocks uva & uvb light: the secret’s a reflective fabric we use known as solartek; this material blocks ninety nine% of uva and uvb light and affords you with upf 55+ solar protection; our umbrellas are splendid versatile too; many clients use them as a rain umbrella as well
  • wind & excessive heat are definitely no in shape: the journey umbrella for travel comes prepared with a patented double canopy vented mesh gadget; this specific layout will maintain you 15 tiers cooler and save you heavy wind from mangling your umbrella
  • the precise at the move umbrella: when folded down, this journey umbrella measures a completely workable 17. 5 inches; you may maintain this portable golf umbrella in your car, bag, or handbag, so when the cruel solar is beating down, you will be included no matter in which you’re
  • we are a emblem you could accept as true with: uv-blocker is dermatologist advocated and accepted by the melanoma global foundation; choose from three sizes: compact (forty two inches), tour (44 inches), and big folder (fifty eight inches); every one sponsored by using our 1 12 months alternative assurance

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everyday, off-the-shelf beach umbrellas can also provide you a shady location to hang out, but they do now not block the solar’s dangerous uv rays. The solartek fabric in this umbrella gives upf fifty five+ sun safety and shields your pores and skin from 99% of uva and uvb rays.

while a heatwave rolls in, and even a day on the seashore does not provide that onshore ocean breeze to chill you down, the uv-blocker will. The patented double canopy vented mesh system shall we heat escape, which will assist you live 15 stages cooler while below.

the double canopy vented mesh gadget is not simply your private little air conditioner, although. It also makes this umbrella almost windproof. While heavy winds are flipping different solar umbrellas inner out, the uv-blocker will stay intact and preserve defensive you.

we’re committed to shielding people from the solar’s negative uv rays. When we hear from households with toddlers, solar-sensitive humans, and so many others tell us how tons a uv-blocker sun protection umbrella has helped them experience a beautiful day; it makes our day.

our solar protection umbrellas are not just for a day on the seashore. They are ideal for any outside interest in order to have you planted below the sun. Use one while watching a carrying event, golfing, fishing, boating, taking a walk around the block, while on excursion, and so much greater.

would not it’s first rate if we all remembered to reapply sunscreen every hour or after going in the water? We commonly do not understand that we want extra till it’s miles too past due. That pink hue starts to return via, and you already know you’re in hassle. This umbrella will provide that extra layer of protection that all of us need.

we are proud that the complete uv-blocker line become offered the melanoma global basis (mif) seal of approval on march 30, 2021. Their board very well evaluated our products based totally on standard exceptional and the product’s reinforcement of solar-safety behaviors.

there’s a solar-blocking umbrella for every scenario, from a day at the seashore, or spherical of golf along with your buddies, to a circle of relatives experience to the caribbean. Pick out from three specific sizes: compact (forty two inches), tour (forty four inches), and massive folder (58 inches).

8 reviews for Uv-blocking solar protection uv umbrella – hand held transportable seaside umbrellas offer upf fifty five+ protection & efficiently block 99% of uva uvb light – windproof solar blocking off umbrella – travel

  1. L. Young

    I love the weight and feel of this. Weight indicates quality to me. And it comes with a carrying case with a strap that can be worn like a backpack. It is comfortable to hold and I felt absolutely protected vs. not having it. I tend to undo the velcro starts and hold the frame from the inside, keeping it ready to open at a moment’s notice. A word of caution: Most people walking won’t have umbrellas, and this is a pretty wide one. Be careful not to poke anyone. In terms of people staring because you have an umbrella on a sunny day? Are we in grade school? So what?! Check out my pic of the indoors use. It protects me from a glaring sun while working at home too. Read more

  2. margarita thunelius


  3. B. Ford

    I wasn’t sure about spending the money they were asking for to purchase this umbrella. Compared to some others it was a bit pricey. I was particularly interested because of the SPF rating. I was diagnosed with Lupus last year and have found exposure to UV usually nets me hives and itching. I’ve been using it for a few months now and the umbrella is worth EVERY PENNY! It’s excellent quality. You can tell, it feels sturdy and glides smoothly when opening and closing. It has a button that you press to open. The description said there is a 15 degree difference under the umbrella. Most of the time it’s too humid to really tell but sometimes it’s a noticeable difference. Today for instance it was quite pleasant to walk outdoors while walking underneath it. The inside of the car was a different story but the umbrella can’t do anything about that. What I really love about it is not worrying about putting a bunch of sunscreen on to walk down to the mailbox or take the garbage out. Read more

  4. sunflower46

    My last umbrella lasted my over 5 years. The reason I replaced it was the handle was starting to feel sticky and the silver color on the umbrella had faded. I decided to buy a new one. My new one lasted about 8 months and the button some how got stuck in a slanted position. I emailed the company and they instructed me on how to get a replacement. Since the umbrella was under a year old there was no problem getting a new one. This is the best umbrella I have ever owned. The only thing I would do different is get a bigger size. Read more

  5. Lynda T. Allen

    this UV-Blocker Umbrella arrived right on time for summer – i had a skin cancer taken off the top of my head a number of years ago; my hair is quite thin; and i know i am supposed to avoid the sun . . . so what is a body to do when it’s time to walk the dog? I am so glad i ordered this space-age looking (silver) parasol to protect me from those harmful rays. It is my summer security blanket, and i am grateful to have it. It does not pay to take chances with your skin, especially when you can walk cooler – yes! it feels cooler walking beneath it – and you know you are protected from the sun. Great product – glad i stumbled upon it at Amazon! Read more

  6. Carol Gonsalves

    Perfect UV blocker umbrella. Perfect size, good weight, sturdy. The only criticism would be that the spring loaded release mechanism doesn’t open the umbrella fully. But that’s a minor thing and it doesn’t stop me from loving the umbrella. Also I love the logo on the side as I no longer feel like the crazy woman walking around fully clothed with an umbrella whilst almost everyone else is wearing as little as possible! People can now see why I’m using it. I’ve also had lots of comments about how great it is. Anyway now I’m protected and cool I’m happy! Read more

  7. C. Glenn

    I like this umbrella a lot. The size, features and sun protection are excellent. But within a few months, the internal closure mechanism failed, and the umbrella can no longer be closed. The supplier doesn’t list any contact info for warranty replacement, so the 1-year warranty is worthless. Summary: nice umbrella for short-term use, but it doesn’t hold up to real-world usage. Update: I did finally locate the contact info for this company and returned the broken umbrella. The return shipping only cost half as much as buying a new umbrella. Warranty service was excellent! I received a brand-new replacement umbrella within a few days. I am bumping up my rating from 2 to 4 stars for the superb warranty service. Read more

  8. csb

    I bought this umbrella in May 2016 so I could take walks at work all through the year. It did its job although sunscreen was still absolutely necessary because of reflection off pavement, etc. In March 2020, because of the pandemic, I started working at home full-time but left the umbrella at work. A few days ago I went to my office to pick up a few things, including the umbrella. When I picked it up from top of the cabinet where it was sitting, it stuck to the surface. The silver coating had deteriorated and the whole umbrella canopy was sticky and leaving a residue everywhere I placed it. I finally put it in a bag and will have to discard it unfortunately. It is sturdy and offered plenty of shade but doesn’t last forever. The UV Blocker folks might have fixed this problem by now, don’t know. Read more

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