Vintage military leather canvas pc bag messenger baggage medium

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  • important material: use of brilliant cotton canvas, remarkable imported first layer of leather and bronze steel
  • shape: a complete of six pockets, one important pocket, outdoor there are: the front wallet, a zippered lower back pocket; interior: a zip pocket,
  • dimensions:’you can placed 17-inch laptop potential: 12l weight: 1 kg
  • functions: design retro minimalist design, with thick shoulder strap cope with, more comfy
  • sechunk: this bag will meet all your requirements, and it appearance genuinely perfect. You’ll find it irresistible.
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small–13‘’, Medium–15‘’, Large–17‘’


Black, Blue, Khaki, Yellow, Army Green, Coffee, Grey

7 reviews for Vintage military leather canvas pc bag messenger baggage medium

  1. A. Winter

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought this bag to replace mine that was stolen. That’s how much I liked this bag. First, this is a S.C. Cotton brand bag, not sechunk as stated. Otherwise, the description is correct. There is no zippered pocket on the back, there is one on the inside. It’s small. I use it for small items I don’t want lost in the bottom of the bag (like my keys). It’s about 5″ by 7″ and just in the liner, not canvas. Good canvas, sturdy, it can hold up to being lugged around. Front pockets are a good size. One holds my wallet, the other my phone (Galaxy S8+). Pockets are 7″ by 5.5″. Side pockets are 6″ by 4″ and have a leather flap with buckle close. My phone fits perfectly in it but when buckled isn’t as accessible. The liner is a heavy fabric, not canvas, but thick. The strap is attached with metal rings, and is adjustable on both ends with a metal ring. The bag itself zips closed and has a messenger flap that attaches with a magnetic clasps. One feature I like is that the flap has adjustable straps so you can tighten it if your bag isn’t filled, or loosen if you’ve packed it. I’ve attached a video to help show all the features. Not a great video but I hope it helps! The 4 stars is because the strap adjusts on either side which I find annoying because you have to adjust them equally to keep the shoulder rest centered. Read more

  2. Charli

    They tease me at work because I carry too many bags. I was once called “Bag Lady”, so had to figure out a way to consolidate all of my bags into one convenient functional bag. I decided to go for a messenger bag. After doing my research and reading all the reviews good and bad about messenger bags on Amazon I choose the Sechunk Canvas Leather Messenger Bag Cross Body size 13” (the smallest bag). Before I got the bag I had already set up the return label because I had ordered another messenger bag that I thought I would be more for sure about (different brand). However, after I received the Sechunk Canvas bag delivered on-time I was super impressed. Not only did the bag fit my 13” inch lap top, it also fits my small cross body purse that I thought I would have to give up. Plus, I was able to consolidate all of my bags into this small messenger bag and it looks very quality made, cute and feminine. Now, I don’t know if size makes a difference for you but, I did not want anything too big or it would have looked more masculine for me. This bag comes in various sizes and I am speaking on the smallest bag. It’s a winner so far and maybe a keeper. I will keep you posted. Read more

  3. Raynman

    Great bag. Nice leather straps. Thick canvas. It isnt a gigantic bag. So dont expect to be able to carry around a library. Heres some pics Read more

  4. WestVirginia130

    Absolutely excellent! I use mine (large size) as a backpack at university, and it’s definitely big enough to fit all my nonsense in it! I’ve managed to fit my laptop (about 9″ x 12.5″) and charger, two three-subject notebooks, two novels, a reusable water bottle, my wallet, and all my pens, pencils, phone, headphones, chapstick, etc. in it with no problem getting it zipped up or lugging it around! Everything on it is perfectly sturdy, and I can definitely see it lasting for years to come. I’ve also used it as an overnight bag from time to time; stuffing a change of clothes and toiletries in it is no problem at all. The strap adjusted perfectly to keep it from whacking the back of my (5’4″ knees) which I really appreciate, too. Overall a phenomenal deal. Read more

  5. Hannah Fox

    I love this bag. shipping was really fast. got it sooner than i expected and i was really excited for it to arrive. boy was i right to be excited. this thing is awesome. i love the color, the style, the feel. over all it seems really durable. i got the medium 15″ and my 14.75″ x 11.5″ laptop fits perfectly. i mean if my laptop were any bigger it wouldnt fit. but it does and im happy. i probaly couldve gone for the large but im not gonna use it for everything i carry so this should do just fine. there are 4 “outside” pockets. 2 on the sides and 2 under the big initial frontal button flap. the side pockets you actually have to unbuckle but no big deal. the leather feels nice and the big shoulder strap is adjustable. the only thing i would have to improve is the amount of pockets. it has one on the inside big enough for a phone and a few other things and then the 4 on the outside. it could just be me but i love pockets and i would love this bag even more if it had a few extra. but this messenger is amazing and i shouldnt be complaining. itll suite my needs just fine. Read more

  6. Just The Facts

    This bag is built very well. It is very large and I love the authentic leather and the look of the bag in general. I went ahead and purchased a organizer to go inside of the bag to help with keeping things in order. There is no compartmentalization system inside. The magnetic flaps on the front make for easy access. It looks like it is buckled shut but there are actually magnetic buttons under those flaps. The side pockets on the left and right are in fact closed with a buckle and are sturdy and must be unbuckled (like a belt) to gain access. Read more

  7. Michelle Bowman

    It is an amazing bag. It looks like the pictures. It has the 6 pockets like it says, however, in the description it says that there is a zippered back pocket, there is not. This advertises as a Sechunk bag, and several pictures show the logo on the bag. The bag that came has a SC Cotton logo, which was in one of the pictures, but description and title say nothing about this. I was kind of disappointed to find that it had magnetic snaps. In my honest opinion, if you are going to put buckles on a bag, then the buckles need to function and not just be decoration. Normally I’m very good at telling from the pictures when a bag has magnetic snaps and when it doesn’t. The pictures that showed the buckles were very good at hiding that fact. No where in the description did it mention this either. However, the buckles can still function, so you don’t have to use the snaps. I’d just prefer if there not be any. All in all it’s still an awesome bag. I like the design, I like the suppliness of the leather, I like the color and feel of the canvas. It feels to me that it should last a long while. I may post some pictures and a video later. Read more

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