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  • make certain this fits through getting into your version variety.
  • years of studies and development – after years of designing and testing brollies, we apprehend the whole thing that makes a tremendous, long lasting and strong, wind resistant umbrella. There are 4 very important factors to appearance out for. 1) a strong frame with fiber glass, 2) a strong canopy that’s big sufficient to cover you, 3) an automatic mechansim permitting one handed operation and four) extremely good customer support you may rely on, even after our 30 day assure. We discover these factors below.
  • 1) a sturdy fiber glass frame – our unique umbrellas are sturdy as we handiest use advanced additives and especially professional technicians. Our ultraflex body era offers you each electricity and flexibility. Even if gusts reach 60mph, our design allows the umbrella to flip to modify stress. Then our fiber glass ribs go back to their authentic position time after time. This is what “windproof” manner; by no means settle for much less. Every rib and stretcher are exceptionally engineered to provide you reliability.
  • 2) a strong canopy it is huge enough to cover you – this umbrella has a vented double canopy designed to fight inversion harm. Overlapping canopy layers have vents which permit gusts of wind to skip thru the umbrella reducing the hazard of inversion. We most effective use excessive first-class, water-resistant fabrics which might be sturdy, lightweight and bendy so they paintings in concord with the frame. Whilst open the canopy has a generous 53in arc and a 43in diameter.
  • 3) computerized mechanism – this umbrella opens automatically so you can react to a downpour in seconds! The amazing issue about an automatic mechanism is that you may open the umbrella with just one hand, very critical whilst each 2nd counts and you’re sporting 1/2 a dozen buying bags! While closed, the umbrella measures 38in from tip to handle.
  • 4) extremely good customer service – buy with self assurance with our money-again assure. Our after-income assist is world-elegance, regardless of how long you’ve got had the umbrella, usually get in contact in case you need us and we will do our pleasant to assist. We never take your custom with no consideration; we have many dependable clients who come again to us time and again as we look after them!
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4 reviews for Windproof extra sturdy – stormdefender metropolis umbrella – vented cover – auto – wooden deal with – navy blue

  1. Kat

    After using multiple travel sized and golf umbrellas – with and without fancy double canopies – it was time to upgrade. My handy Arcadia Outdoors Vented Double Canopy Wind Resistant Travel Umbrella with Reflective Edge served me well on my trip to Europe and the rainy days at home but the biggest challenge with my travel umbrella was finding a place to stash the umbrella upon entering a room…or restroom that so happens to not have any handy hooks or door knobs capable of holding my umbrella for me. I knew I wanted an full sized, double canopy umbrella with a “J” handle that was durable and preferably had a durable metal tip that I won’t accidentally spear someone with. Research helped narrow down my choice and I decided to take my chance on this umbrella. The sleeve that comes with the umbrella fits perfectly each time and I’m glad there’s no extra logo on it. The handiwork on the canopy is well done and there weren’t any loose stitches or flaws with the connection to the frame. The handiwork on the handle is not the best. There is some rough work around the slots for locking mechanism and the inner curve of the handle is not entirely smooth. The polish work on the handle is not uniform or as thick as I would prefer but that’s something I can fix after smoothing out the inner curve of the handle. The tip of the umbrella looked well attached but when I loaned my umbrella to another, he accidentally closed the car door on the umbrella point and the metal end cap fell off but was easily reattached with strong adhesive. Performance wise, this umbrella does as promised – it keeps one dry from the rain without flipping in strong winds. A few weeks ago, the umbrella was put to the ultimate test in the rain and heavy 26 mph winds with varying gust winds that I rarely see. Opening, closing, and storing the umbrella is easy. Indoors, the umbrella is tall enough to lean against a table or hook on railing or even the door of a restroom stall without a hook. Walking with my umbrella when it doesn’t rain is a breeze as well because I can hook it over one arm and free up a hand to open a door. Overall, I love my new umbrella and I’m hoping it’ll last for a while. I still have my Arcadia travel umbrella stashed away in my trunk as a backup for when I forget this umbrella! Read more

  2. Daniel

    Admittedly, I don’t have very much experience with umbrellas … most of my life, the only umbrellas I ever owned were given to me by other people. The only umbrellas I ever bought myself were $5 umbrellas I saw for sale at BigLots! – those purchases were a mistake, as they quickly fell apart and were not very comfortable to use in the first place. I decided to order some new umbrellas (and not be such a cheap bastard this time around), and settled on this one from Collar and Cuffs. I really like it for the following reasons: 1) It looks really nice, with the wood (or at least wood-looking) crook handle and the blue canopy. 2) Quality appears and feels good in general. I don’t get the feeling that this will break apart on me anytime soon. 3) Unlike some cheaper umbrellas I’ve owned, the canopy deploys with a push of a button, and is closed simply by retracting the runner. There is no need to depress an uncomfortable top or bottom spring lever. 4) The canopy is wide and provides decent coverage. 5) The canopy deploys conspicuously slowly when you push the button (compared to other umbrellas I’ve owned). I like this slowness in opening, as I believe (just speculation on my part, nothing more) it imparts less stress on the umbrella (leading to greater longevity) and probably doesn’t fling water as much everywhere if you decide to open it indoor for improved drying after recent use (again, just speculation). Are there better umbrellas out there? Maybe, may not … I honestly don’t know – I’m not an umbrella expert. I admittedly haven’t owned or used this umbrella extensively yet. But so far … for $35.00, I feel this was a very good buy. Read more

  3. Jim

    The umbrella itself is well designed to do what it is supposed to do – keep you dry. It has held up well under a couple of thunderstorms and wet/windy days in NYC. I am however sorely disappointed as to the quality of the finish on the handle. It arrived with 2 slight scratches in the handle; this did bother me but I was able to disguise it by using a color-match furniture pen. Then, a couple of days later, I dropped the umbrella from waist-high while entering the bus and juggling a bunch of packages and it developed many blemishes and scratches when it slipped. If the wood handle and finish was of better quality, this would not be the case. The lacquer is poorly applied and cheaply done. I have seen similar complaints for this particular product and was hopeful that the manufacturer would have taken this issue into consideration. It is obvious that they have not. That is a shame -for outside of that – it is a good product but receives a 3 star rating because of this. Overall, I hope that manufacturers would read reviews of their products and make adjustments based on actual users feedback – how unfortunate that this is not always the case. Read more

  4. Thinc2

    It’s gone through a couple of weeks of rainy Seattle weather and handled the wind with no problems. The size is just right for one person and perfectly adequate for two. It’s not so large that you will be constantly bumping into other people, but broad enough to get great coverage. Fit and Finish is excellent. I like that it has two straps to secure the umbrella when it is folded. The overall construction seems top notch and I expect it to last much longer than prior umbrellas. Overall it’s functional, looks good and appears to be a high quality build. Worth the money. Edit Jan 24, 2017 – it’s been 10 months and I have used this a lot during that time here in rainy Seattle. For example, I’ve used it all three days this week already. The umbrella is holding up perfectly – no sign of wear or tear after may uses. It handles heavy wind with no issues and is just the right size to provide full coverage for one person (including a computer bag), yet not so large that you can’t walk past other people on the sidewalk without poking their eye out. Well though out product – good design, materials and manufacturing. Still five stars after 10 months use. Read more

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