Windproof travel umbrella rapid drying teflon canopy strong & transportable fx1 black

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model wide variety.
  • computerized compact lightweight best for tour: the vacationer 42 fx1 black umbrella is designed with the modern-day-day lifestyle in thoughts, our tour umbrella without difficulty suits in any backpack, briefcase, handbag, baggage or convey-on bag. So light-weight & small, it provides little or no to the ones treasured luggage lbs – just 15 oz. In weight and 11. 5 inches in period, when closed.
  • wind resistant collapsible layout: built the use of nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that are tri-folded to protect you even within the highest winds. This brand new technological mixture of metal, resin and aluminum gives the power, you need in a durable folding umbrella to feel assured, relaxed or even excited for the wind and rain.
  • final protection towards the elements: constructed using lifetek’s signature material, our umbrellas provide more potent safety in opposition to heavy downpours and destructive uv rays, helping you to live dry and protected in even the cruelest conditions. The uv cloth rating is upf 50+ that can block up to 97% of the sun’s unfavorable uv mild rays.
  • single clean button press: lifetek’s travel umbrella comes prepared with automated push of a button capability, giving you the potential to quick & without problems open and near your umbrella. So, you could be included from the first drop of rain to the final and close your umbrella with out war. Perfect for men, women, university students and kids. Dimensions: closed duration: eleven. 5 in., open period: 23 in., canopy arc: forty two in., large coverage diameter: 37 in., weight 15 oz.
  • devoted on your pleasure and peace of thoughts: each lifetek umbrella comes with a two 12 months “peace of thoughts” replacement assure in opposition to defects in our top rate substances and high-quality workmanship.
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so robust you received’t agree with it

our wind resistant umbrellas will maintain you dry no matter what mother nature throws at you. We’ve all been there; the use of our trusted $nine. 99 umbrella until the day comes that it flips or inverts at the worst viable time. With a lifetek umbrella you get all of the advantages of the nine trifolded metal ribs, lifetek’s unique micro-weave cloth and expert craftsmanship. You received’t accept as true with you ever went out within the rain without one.


42” Single Canopy, 45” Double Canopy, 45” Single Canopy


Black, Blue, Green, Red

8 reviews for Windproof travel umbrella rapid drying teflon canopy strong & transportable fx1 black

  1. Will S.

    I was skeptical of a folding umbrella, I’ve always opted for the big golf-style ones since I’m a big guy, but I’ve lost two of those now since they don’t fit in my bag, and I have a tendency to be forgetful. So I did my research and took the plunge on this one. It’s the perfect balance. Fits in my bag, so I have it all the time (no more having to check the weather forecast before leaving), and never lose it since I just fold it up, but it in the case, and back in my bag. It unfolds big enough for me, a 6’4″ lineman-type, and between the sturdy spars and the windproofing flaps, seems like it will last years. I recommend this umbrella for absolutely everybody. Read more

  2. jowct

    Caution: I’ve used it only once. However, it opens like a charm, is beautifully constructed, closes equally easily and best of all, the canopy is designed such that it almost folds itself back up into its original shape–NO OTHER UMBRELLA EVEN COMES CLOSE! The only ding is that it is not quite as large a diameter as promised (could be the ordering process)–but not small enough to cause me to get out a measuring tape. Oh, and the cover is equally well designed and slips (not crams itself) over the umbrella. Where have these been all our lives!?! Read more

  3. Stew

    Strong, Portable and slightly beefy (so could be used to club someone if necessary :). Jokes aside, this umbrella feels as though it’s made to last. Opening, via the push-button release, feels like the spring-loaded mechanism could also be used as a pilot seat ejector. Only negative is that it’s only really suited to one (small) person, so if your planning on traveling with family, buy at least three. Great stuff, look forward to my next rainy adventure. Read more

  4. Lucy D.

    First thing I noticed was this umbrella has some weight to it. Not that it’s heavy or anything, but you can tell its sturdy and well-made. I’ve used it a few times in the recent storms in California, and it’s held up well. It did invert a couple of times during strong gusts of wind, but it flipped back easily and with no damage to the umbrella. I’ve had other push-button open/close umbrellas, but this one’s push-button function is a lot smoother. I would definitely purchase this umbrella again, not only for myself but for my family and friends. Read more

  5. Scott E. Giorgio

    Being wheelchair bound and living in central FL rain is going to happen and lately it has been like a monsoon. Since I am in a wheelchair I travel light but try and be prepared for what life throws at me. This umbrella was the right size to carry and with one hand operation fit the bill for my needs, opening and closing it while in the house worked perfect, but than just the other day I had to use it in a real sudden down pour situation, I press the open button and nothing, I had to push down hard on the top and bottom of umbrella to recock it like a pump shotgun and then I was able to open it. Again I made sure unit was fully closed and locked, second time caught in heavy down pour and again I got soaked because the one touch release would not engage, I had to again recock the unit to get it to open. When it is open unit works great at keeping me and my chair dry, just not reliable and consistent in one touch opening. 13SEP15 Update: The problem with the unit was addressed without being asked. The company contacted me immediately after my last post and had a replacement at my door in two days!!! The new one works without any problems, this company has earned all my future umbrella purchases, OUTSTANDING customer service! Read more

  6. A. Golsby

    I like it, but I have two beefs. First, closing it is a complicated two-hand operation because you have to first pull the thingy down like with any umbrella, then– while holding it down– take your hand and push the umbrella closed from the opposite end! Sounds complicated? It is. -1 star. Second: It’s supposed to be unflippable. Well in fact it flips in similar conditions to those that would make any other umbrella flip. -1 star. But I will give it bonus points for being very sturdy and difficult to break, which adds back one of the stars I took away. This is because I’m a chronic umbrella breaker. For one of my umbrellas to last this long is unheard of. Kudos to the manufacturer. I’m willing to put up with the quirks because at least I don’t have to keep buying new umbrellas all the time. Read more

  7. Mary Quinn

    Broke the second time I used it. The winds were only about 10 mph in NYC today. Read more

  8. E.Ski

    I have to state that I walk to my office most of the time, which is a 1.5mile round trip. And living in the NE means mixed weather (not so much rain this summer but it’s finally started for Pre-Fall). I will make a comparison as I’ve bought the LifeTek here, and almost two years ago, bought a Totes. You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, it’s true. I’ve had a previous 14th month old Totes with “wind-vent” feature on the top. Now, the Tote’s was a bit larger but its quality was questionable after first use. I noticed that the new LifeTek repels water immediately and that when entering my building, I didn’t need to shake off any remaining rain water more than once. The spring is obviously new, and you need to close with both button and pushing inward from the top bumper. Done. Compared to the Totes, some wind was no issue. The Totes collapes and the top “wind vent” was junk. The fabric came loose and off one of the arms. Nothing worse, I mean NOTHING WORSE than to have your umbrella inside out as it is pouring out and you stop to fix this *^&$!@@!. I am keeping this in my car, as it is compact enough to stay in the door compartment. UPDATE: Finally have had some rains that I can say the LifeTek model has been reliable. Colleague I was walking with laughed that I shouldn’t use it in this wind…after we arrived at destination, I laughed that the umbrella had no issue and the look on her face justified it. Read more

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