Windproof travel umbrella with teflon coating,auto open near light-weight sun&rain umbrella with 10 rib production, zipper pouch

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  • fiberglass body
  • windproof 10-rib construction: as opposed to using 8 or 9 aluminum ribs like different umbrellas on the amazon, anntrue umbrella is designed with 10 resin-bolstered fiberglass ribs that flex barely to face up to powerful gusts. The canopy is designed to invert itself and bounce back to its unique shape whilst assembly heavy winds.
  • computerized open / near: with one-surpassed press of a button, the anntrue umbrella could be automatically open / close in a 2d. You do now not should struggle with the final your umbrella whilst moving into a car, constructing or tent. Now with this umbrella, no more expecting your umbrella to open or near even as you get soaked by the rain!
  • portable and light-weight: now you don’t need to select among massive umbrellas and tiny umbrellas that can not supply practical wind safety. Measuring simply 11. 6″ long and weighing less than 1lb, the folding computerized umbrella is extremely packable in purses, briefcases, backpacks, bags and more. This is the best companion for journeying!
  • first-rate substances : anntrue umbrella is covered with superior teflon that may repel water and dry plenty faster than our competitor. The body is designed with a three-fold chrome plated black steel shaft which lets in for extra balance and durability in robust wind.
  • lifetime replacement: your pleasure is our #1 situation. If it doesn’t meet your expectation in any manner, we will directly replace it or a hundred% refund you with none question asked or any additional fee. You are covered for lifestyles from the rain, sleet and snow, thru our lifetime substitute software.
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product description

fully computerized open-near device

  • a travel umbrella needs to be durable, easy to apply and deliver suitable insurance against the rain.
  • you do no longer have to war with the last your umbrella whilst stepping into a automobile, constructing or tent.
  • interest:

    1. Whilst you operate it at the first time, continue to be calm while it opens in this type of short time.

    2. The anxiety of the rod is barely larger, ms. May want extra effort to shut the umbrella.

    3. After the cover collapses, manually pull the upright help down into the locked position.

  • 10 bolstered fiberglass ribs
  • wind-resistant
  • waterproof teflon coating
  • automated open/near deal with
  • wind-defying 10 rib creation

    you are blanketed for life from the rain, sleet, and snow.

    we’re the best supplier of anntrue umbrella, please kindly test it earlier than buying.

    teflon generation windproof journey umbrella

    2. To preserve from slipping, the umbrella has a comfortable and non-slip handle.

  • so please experience your experience, this umbrella is your dependable accomplice whilst you are on a tour.
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    5 reviews for Windproof travel umbrella with teflon coating,auto open near light-weight sun&rain umbrella with 10 rib production, zipper pouch

    1. William Chen

      Let’s face it, we’ve all lost an umbrella (or three) over the years. We happened to leave a nice one at a restaurant and didn’t realize until we got home. Fortunately, we’ve had some success with recent umbrella purchases, and decided to try our luck with this one. Here are our thoughts: • Size: As you can tell from the picture, it’s a bit bigger than the typical travel umbrella. Fortunately, that means that the umbrella covers a pretty wide surface area, which is perfect for rainy/windy days. • Durability: It happened to downpour the night that we received the umbrella, so we were immediately able to test the durability. So far, we’ve been very happy as it has held up well in tough weather. The handle is thick without being heavy, well-constructed to handle heavy downpours and winds. • Ease of Use: We’ve been placing increasing importance on the ability to use an umbrella with one hand, specifically the ability to open with a touch of the button. This umbrella certainly checks that box. We’ve also been impressed by the lightweight nature, which doesn’t seem to sacrifice durability and steadiness. In summary, this umbrella will hold up well and makes an excellent addition to our collection of “city” umbrellas (i.e. those that are not that big but provide adequate cover and have strong maneuverability)! Read more

    2. Displaced Desert Rat

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is a really nice umbrella. We have a very similar one made by a brand name company and I think this one is much better. First of all the spring mechanism is much stronger, in fact, it’s the best I’ve ever seen in an umbrella. For those who aren’t sure how the Auto Open/Close mechanism works, it goes like this… From fully closed position: Push button, and the umbrella post extends and then the canopy opens up. From fully open position: Push button, and the canopy collapses. You then have to push down the post manually. This is the same procedure for all ‘automatic’ umbrellas. I have never seen an umbrella that actually retracts the center pole as well. So that’s not a negative or a minus at all against this umbrella. I have also posted a video of the umbrella opening and closing for demonstration purposes. Anyway, this is a perfect size and exactly what I was looking for. We get a lot of rain, and I always like to keep at least one umbrella in the car. This one fits nicely in the side pocket of the driver-side door, thus keeping it always handy. We were supposed to get rain this weekend, but it didn’t pan out, so I don’t have action photos to share with you of the umbrella in action. However, I can tell you that I like the fact that this umbrella has 10 ribs in the canopy as I have never had an umbrella with more than 8. I am sure that the added ribs increase its structural strength. The fabric itself feels sturdy, and I can’t find anything in the construction of the umbrella that would make me doubt its effectiveness. Oh, the included sleeve is nicer than most as it has a little zipper that makes it really easy to take on and off. If you’re looking for a mid-size umbrella, you can’t go wrong with this one as it has all the features you could ask for. Read more

    3. Edward

      I purchased the first umbrella a couple weeks ago. I tried it out and liked it. I like that folds down nicely. I purchased two more for total of three. I hung one in my office on the coat hook, another by the door in the house. The third tucked nicely in the driver door pocket of my crv. I had full size umbrellas before but they take up so much room in the car and I had to store them behind the doors to keep them out of foot traffic way. The problem with most travel sized umbrellas is they are so flimsy. This travel brella feel well built with 10 spokes instead of the standard 8. I’m a large man and this is a good size for a travel umbrella opening up to 40” plus. Price isn’t too bad so if I leave it somewhere I’ll be mad at the loss but it won’t break the bank, so I’ll get over it. Read more

    4. JB

      After going through (and losing) so many pocketable umbrellas over the years, I guess I forgot what a heavy duty umbrella feels like. My first impression after I have taken this umbrella out from the package was that it has quite substantial weight on it and it felt sturdy. Having only used traditional umbrellas, I found that the one-click-open-close mechanism refreshing – no more wet hair when trying to get into the car. It took a while for me to get used to the closing gesture since the spring is quite strong, but it was easy after I figured out to use both endpoints. I thought it would be much larger than many pocketable umbrellas being at 42 inches across, but it is only 12 inches when collapsed. It can easily fit two people under and the handle is solid and comfortable to hold. One thing I felt weird about was the shaft has a slight bounce due to the fact that it is relying on the spring’s extension to stay open. I don’t have any problem so far though, especially with the Teflon coating, nothing is staying and weighting the top down. But it might be a problem if using it under high wind. Read more

    5. Mike

      This umbrella feels extremely sturdy and makes a great compact companion to carry around for you. I am certain it will last quite a awhile. The only thing I have to say is that as a larger person, it doesn’t give me as much coverage as I would like. However, that is more of my fault for not realizing by being so compact, the coverage will be less as well. I have given it to my wife who absolutely loves this model. Read more

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