Windproof travel umbrellas – rain umbrella with teflon coating, compact and collapsible umbrella for easy journeying

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  • fiberglass frame
  • windproof – irrespective of how windy, this heavy duty but ultralight, well-built umbrella won’t flip internal out. Its advanced production consists of nine bendy fiberglass ribs that bend slightly, after which rigidly maintain their position in excessive winds. Different umbrellas have only 6 to 8 aluminum ribs, in order that they’re less able to arise to wind gusts
  • repels rain, snow, sleet with dupont teflon waterproof era and is dry in moments. No greater puddles of water to mop up after an umbrella drains at the floor. A short shake outside and it dries quickly. Received’t make other objects in your purse or briefcase wet. All you do is shake, close, and stow
  • ease of use, compact size, portable, lightweight – smooth computerized open/close & folding. The eleven. 5” length, 37” diameter (now not the size of dome, but immediately diameter) while fully open makes it large sufficient to protect you from the elements, and small sufficient to stow without problems in your bag and totes. Its weight is much less than 1 pound for stowing in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Perfect for men or women
  • great design and workmanship – the 3-tier telescoping chrome-plated steel shaft and sturdy steel body provide added balance in storms. Plus it’s smooth to carry with rubberized, slip-proof, ergonomic take care of and wrist strap and matching shielding journey sleeve
  • 9-rib shape – most of the people of umbrellas nowadays have 6-8 aluminum ribs whereas ours functions nine ribs product of fiberglass
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the rain guard windproof dupont teflon umbrella solves the most massive umbrella flaws such as:


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8 reviews for Windproof travel umbrellas – rain umbrella with teflon coating, compact and collapsible umbrella for easy journeying

  1. Melanie Gilbert

    Fiberglass is what makes this umbrella heavier, sturdier and more expensive than typical aluminum umbrellas. The nine ribs (pic 1) – versus 6-8 of standard designs (pic 2) – provide extra support to the Teflon canopy. That 9th fiberglass rib makes this umbrella extra wind-resistant because the space between the edges of each rib on the Rain Guard canopy is 13”, whereas that space on other umbrellas can be as high as 14.5” (see pic 3). At the center spindle where all the ribs connect, the spacing is 1” for Rain Guard versus almost 2” for the 8-rib models. Fiberglass materials will bend and flex in windy situations. That makes it less likely that this umbrella will blow inside out in gusting weather. The numbers tell the story: less space at the edges and more density at the center equals more strength and support for the overall structure. I put this umbrella to the test today in Boston where wind gusts are clocking in at 35 mph amid swirling snowflakes. Those gusts are strong enough to lift the canopy and pull the umbrella up, yet it maintains its structural integrity. Despite the extra weight, the Rain Guard is about the same size as standard umbrellas (see pic 4). If you commute to work or walk a lot outdoors in inclement weather, this umbrella is an excellent investment. Read more

  2. SP3204

    This is a very compact umbrella – it’s not going to cover a whole lot. But if you need a compact umbrella to keep in a large purse, bag, briefcase or computer tote for keeping your head dry on the daily commute, this will do the trick. It’s clearly waterproof (Teflon, the manufacturer says) – water beads up and rolls off like the proverbial duck’s back. The advantage is that once you are out of the rain, you don’t have a drippy umbrella to put away in your bag etc. I do like the fiberglass ribs, time will tell how durable they are. I think in concept they should work well – a good wind can bend metal ribs easily on many umbrellas. Hopefully the flexing without bending will work – if it breaks though, you are done – fiberglass can’t be bent back. All in all, it seems to be will-constructed. I included pictures to show the compact size against another somewhat compact umbrella. The handle also shows how small it is here, but it’s comfortable and grippy. One minor nit is that the nylon case is very tight fitting and it’s pretty hard to get the umbrella back inside it. I wish they had an open ended case that was easy to use, but you will spend some time getting the umbrella back into it. It’s definitely a good little umbrella, and would be great for commuters and others who have a raincoat but would like to keep the rain off the head. Read more

  3. roottmommie

    I live in an area (northern Il) where when we have rain, we quite often have wind that is mind boggling and I’ve lost so many umbrellas due to a gust. Fortunately, this umbrella came in time for one of those situations. It opens and closes easily, comes in a little outer bag in the same color, and is packaged in a plastic bag. I thought at first that this would never close and fit back into either of those bags, but it does—and the nice part of all this is, you can put your umbrella away into the bags and take it with you, rather than risk it being stolen because it’s dripping and you have to leave it at the door at work. It survived the higher wind that accompanied our rainstorm, which is pleasing in and of itself. Like previously mentioned, I have several umbrellas that just broke with a snap when I had a windy day. This is also plenty big enough in parameter to keep you dry and hair dry from rain. I’d suggest this to anyone that lives in such a location to have rain with wind! Read more

  4. Galaverna

    This is a pretty decent umbrella for the price. The world went into lockdown soon after I purchased it so I can’t say I’ve tested it in wind yet but I did take it on a trip to Mexico and it held up well. I use umbrellas both for sun and occasionally rain (in CA we have more of the former than the latter!) and I prefer small, lightweight ones able to be carried in my purse so I have them handy when needed. This was a little longer and heavier than I’d hoped but still portable enough. Was able to pack it fine in my luggage and used it extensively for the sun while walking the mile or so down to the beach from the house where we were staying. It seems remarkably sturdy and I hope it lasts me a while! Read more

  5. MsMGR

    Within two days this umbrella had broken and was riddled with pin holes. I wish I’d kept the pictures I sent to the company seeking refund, but I deleted before review. After sending email and pictures of damage I was promptly refunded. Sadly, I cannot recommend this umbrella. Read more

  6. Lana

    Although this is a compact umbrella that can easily be carried in your bag, it feels heavy duty. I love that it is made with Teflon technology and the water rolls right off of it. No more puddles of water on the floor! It holds up quite nicely to the wind too. I also love the auto open with just a push of a button. Much better than the older style I have that you have to manually push up until it’s locked into place. If I had any complaints it would be that I wish it was easier to close. It’s not as easy to close as it is to open it. That aside, it has worked great and it seems like it will hold up for a long time. Read more

  7. Ashley

    This product is overall great! It comes with 2 bags (blue material carry bag and a plastic zip bag with a carry handle) for easy storage! The umbrella is a pretty dark blue color and very sturdy! The material is is made to make the rain roll off and it does just that. It folds down small so it’s easy to take with you to work, school, the doctor, ect. The handle has a open button so no having to pull or tug to get it open! If your looking for a great umbrella for any rainy day then this is the umbrella for you! It arrives very quickly as well and comes in proper packaging! Read more

  8. D. Phillips

    I needed a new portable umbrella for traveling and to keep in my car, and this one is perfect. Big enough to cover me in the rain but folds down to a good size for carrying or stashing in luggage. It’s light and sturdy. I ordered the purple and it’s a nice muted, dark purple, not an in-your-face purple. Very pleased. Read more

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