Winfield 2 hardside luggage with spinner wheels, brushed anthracite, convey-on 20-inch

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • carry-on meets these airways’ size regulations: united, american, delta, southwest, allegiant
  • 20″ spinner luggage maximizes your packing strength and meets most bring-on length restrictions for those travelling regionally and trying to stay light
  • packing dimensions: 20. 0″ x 13. 5″ x 9. Five”, overall dimensions: 23. Zero” x 14. Five” x nine. 5″, weight: 6. 7 lbs.
  • 10 yr constrained assurance: samsonite products are fastidiously examined to ensure our merchandise meet stringent requirements. This bag comes with a ten-year guarantee in opposition to defects in substances and workmanship.
  • four, multi-directional spinner wheels for handy mobility, re-engineered light-weight
  • facet hooked up tsa locks act to deter robbery, ensuring that only you or a tsa agent have smooth access in your property whilst travelling
  • full-zip interior divider and go straps for extended packing agency
  • unified brushed sample custom layout on back and front shells hide any capability scratches or scuffs from your adventure
  • light-weight locking telescopic handle
  • good-looking slider in squared full-capacity layout offering outsized #10 zipper and interior divider with agency pockets
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from the producer

from the bright and elegant design to the accessory pops of color, you may by no means should worry about retaining tune of these eye-catchers!

  • charcoal
  • deep blue
  • orange
  • red
  • brushed anthracite
  • white
  • samsonite winfield 2

    this extremely light-weight and durable spinner capabilities polycarbonate production with sharp molded details. Made to absorb effect by means of flexing whilst under pressure then popping returned to its original shape, disposing of dents and dings while protective its contents. An elegant brushed pattern hides any capability scratches or scuffs out of your journeys. The absolutely-covered indoors has go-straps, a privacy curtain with its very own zippered organizational pockets.

  • 20” spinner 20 x 13. 5 x nine, 6. 7 lbs.
  • 24” spinner 24 x 16. Five x eleven, 9. 3 lbs.
  • 28” spinner 28 x 19 x 12, 11. 5 lbs.
  • purposeful and thoughtful design

    this light-weight line offers heavyweight protection using on convenient 360 diploma spinner wheels. All you need to do is push your case along and the wheels do the rest. Whether you are checking into to the flight or your hotel, it’s far first-rate-smooth with spinner wheels.

    aspect-mounted lock ensure your assets arrive thoroughly in your destination. With a constructed in aggregate lock, the samsonite instances are accurate to move no matter wherein you’re. No keys required!

    new, wider pull deal with combine to provide an incredibly comfy grip. Integrated, multi-degree aluminum pull take care of for additonal lightness. Retracting top and facet deliver-handles stay included while checking bags.

    about samsonite

    samsonite’s no longer just in the enterprise of creating baggage, we’re within the enterprise of constructing self belief. Confidence that when you step off the decrease, your baggage wheel isn’t always going to pop off. Confidence that if you positioned your laptop in the bag in a single piece, that’s the manner it will come out. Samsonite has set an enterprise precedence through perfecting and innovating luggage, informal luggage, backpacks, journey add-ons, and now electronics vendors and pc bags. Over 100 years of reliability, durability, fashion and modern capability have made samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, a international chief they are today. In case you are going to head out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, lifestyles has a way of coming at you speedy. Be equipped for everywhere.

    product description

    delivery your tour essentials effects and stylishly. This extraordinarily light-weight and sturdy spinner functions a hundred percentage polycarbonate construction with sharp molded info. Made to take in impact by means of flexing whilst underneath pressure then popping again to its authentic shape, putting off dents and dings while defensive its contents. An fashionable brushed pattern hides any potential scratches or scuffs out of your trips. The fully-lined indoors has pass-straps, a privacy curtain with its own zippered organizational wallet. Tsa authorized mixture lock for safety and peace of mind. Beautiful brush-stroke color which is exquisite for hiding any ability scratches or scuffs from your trips.


    2-Piece Set (20/24), 2-Piece Set (20/28), 3-Piece Set (20/24/28), Carry-On 20-Inch, Checked-Medium 24-Inch, Checked-Large 28-Inch


    Brushed Anthracite, Charcoal, Deep Blue, Orange, Purple, Artic Pink, Brushed White, Burgundy, Ice Blue, Navy, Rose Gold, Teal

    5 reviews for Winfield 2 hardside luggage with spinner wheels, brushed anthracite, convey-on 20-inch

    1. Amazon Steve

      I purchased the Samsonite 28″ Spinner for business and personal travel. The suitcase looks great, I purchased charcoal, and is LARGE with multiple pockets (see pictures). I fully understand this will likely be scratched after being loaded and unloaded and thrown about by airport attendants. I also like the zipper lock feature. I understand others have commented about its integrity because it’s made of plastic. I figure, if it breaks I’ll use one of my TSA approved locks. I’m not downscoring because this isn’t a necessity, but rather a nice-to-have. It’s expandable (picture below), and comes with a soft cover (also pictured). For the price I paid, $120.00, I don’t think there’s a better suitcase on the market. It looks good, has a quality name, and will fit in with other business travelers (who’ve often paid 4-5x the price). Thank you for reading and rating my comment! Read more

    2. Delta Echo

      Great look, packs well, dissimilar to other luggage. We have 6 of these, both carry on hard cases and large check size. I occasionally check the bag when it’s free at the gate. Thanks to my credit card, I get a free checked bag, so we always check the larger versions of this when we are on extended travel. The only issue we’ve experienced in over 60 flights last year was the bars of the handle became bent due to the gorilla baggage handler. I opened the case (easy to access because of the zippered liner) and made a fix by hammering and straightening the assembly. Overall, the carry on hard case is ample for 4 days of clothing (haha…it *can* be done if you’re a good packer). Wheels and case have held up well, there are scratches that turn out to be plastic rubbed onto the finish that comes off with a cleaner like goof-off or just glass cleaner. Easy to tote around the airport with a soft case on top, and the case fits easily down the seat aisle rolling on all 4 wheels. [Update]: Still working great after 4+ years and over 1000 flights now. It shows wear and tear on the wheels, but it looks practically brand new. Zippers, Lock and handles all working fine… I traveled 20 weeks and over 60 flights last year with this little case, for what it’s worth I’ll pass on a few hints I use to pack if anyone is interested… -Pants, large items…fold them in as large an area as possible to fit in the case. The fewer folds, less wrinkles. -Underwear, Undershirts, socks, etc…don’t fold small. Layer them on top of other clothing in as large and thin a layer as possible. -Dress shirts: [Have cleaners] use heavy starch, fold in 3rd, and layer alternating collars and place in zippered top section. -I pack dry toiletries in a clear sided pencil case, and all 3oz. in a heavy duty zippered freezer bag. -Carry toiletries and liquids in a soft carry on to avoid spills and save space..eases TSA process. -Pack hangers and hang out clothes, unpack as soon as possible. -Purchase a few zip-lock style shrink bags. I don’t use these to pack GOING, I use them to store worn clothes for the trip BACK…amazing how much space they create when packing to come home. Easy to ‘vacuum’ seal by covering with a hotel pillow and laying on it to remove air. -Bring a few plastic shopping bags (wrap your shoes) and also protect clothing from spills. They come in handy in CA (no bags at grocery stores!) -I carry a back pack to house my iPad, MacBook, toiletries and a few snacks + a collapsable water bottle I fill just before flight…I try to put my shoes and at least a days change of clothes in case I check my hard case carry on and they lose it! Hope that helps, or perhaps there’s something in there you can use to add to what works for you. Read more

    3. Liz E.

      Perfect fit for JetBlue’s 22x14x9 and other baggage sizers! Love it Read more

    4. Patrick

      I can’t say enough good things about this line from Samsonite! Since purchasing them a year ago to replace my older luggage I’ve taken them all over Brazil, all over Argentina, Singapore a dozen times, Bangkok at least once a month for the last 2 years, Ho Chi Min, all over Cambodia, and of course on trips around the US. I’ve thrown them on and off buses, dragged them from train to train, crammed them in and out of more taxis and shuttles than I can count, and dragged them about a mile and a half down the road in the rain (they’re surprisingly water resistant at the seams and expansion fabric…although certainly not water proof). Through it all the handles have held up, despite the larger two consistently weighing in at 70 lbs and the carry-on frequently tipping the scale at close to 40 lbs (don’t tell the airlines…that’s way too heavy for a carry-on to be) and the wheels are still in amazing shape. The bags also look fantastic given them beating they get! There are a few scratches here and there and I’ve frequently gotten a bag back with a corner smashed in…but it always pops right back into place with no issues, and the contents are always safe and secure. The locks are still in perfect working order…the handles still slide in and out easily and feel solid when locked into place. All of the zippers work perfectly. The single significant gripe I have about this set of bags that would make it absolutely perfect would be more handles. The carry-on only has a handle on the top of the bag…which makes it a bit awkward for carrying up and down stairs…a side handle like the other two have would be ideal. It would also be nice if there was a grip of some sort on the bottom so that you could more easily lift with two hands when moving it up onto a rack or something of that nature…while most purchasers won’t use them to the degree that I do, most will at some point want to put this bag onto a stand in the hotel or lift one up onto a shelf in the terminal bus…the largest bag in particular has a deceptive amount of storage space (I’ve had it loaded to 104 lbs) and picking it up by the top handle and a rotating wheel is…not super fun. That one caveat though shouldn’t discourage anyone from buying them…they’ve stood as well and better to any number of other more expensive bags I’ve owned, including other Samsonites…I’ve been very pleased with them, and expect them to last at least another few years at my current travel pace. For people like my parents who only fly a few times a year this bag could very well be the last one you ever have to buy. EDIT 02/17/2017: I’ve now purchased 3 full sets of this luggage, 2 in Charcoal for me and a purple set for my girlfriend. I can literally pack everything we own save our camping gear and bikes in those 9 bags…to date the only issue I’ve ever had was that someone tried to get into one of them and tore through the zipper with a screwdriver or knife…the end result was one zipper clasp was completely missing and a few teeth on the zipper got bent up pretty badly. I sent it off to one of their authorized dealers in Singapore though and was able to repair it with no issues while I was in Malaysia for a few months. EDIT 01/11/2018: After 2 years and just shy of 100 flights, I ripped the seam of the inside liner on one medium bag. I don’t think this was the result of bad workmanship however, rather I’d only packed clothes and some camera gear into the top section and zipped it off. The other side was not entirely empty but close. I think at some point the pressure of the gear against the fabric divider, without the support of gear on the opposite side allowed enough motion to cause the seam to give out. It’s being repaired now…I’ll add a picture once I get it back. Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      I bought this a year ago. 2/3/17. I travel at least once a week. Yes, it is scratched up but who cares. It gets my clothes to and from wherever I go without any problems. No problems with the wheels or the case itself. I haven’t used the lock because it doesn’t matter. If they want to search your luggage they will, and there is nothing that the baggage handlers will want to steal. I traveled 72,000 miles last year with this bag. The reason I’m putting up this review is that I am buying the 20″ and I hope it will be just as strong. I don’t need the space for 3 day trips. I tried to add pics but I couldn’t figure out how. Read more

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